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Steps to Take Following An Auto Accident By Logan and Thompson, P.C.

Individuals are often unsure of the steps to take following an automobile accident. Such times are frightening and one’s physical as well as mental well-being may be at stake. If you find yourself in an accident, remember the following steps to maintain safety and sanity!

The first step is making sure no one is seriously hurt. Check yourself for wounds and ask the following questions: Have you broken any bones? Are you suffering from whiplash? Do you have passengers? Are they ok? Make sure all passengers are not seriously injured.

Secondly, check on the prosperity of the other driver and passengers in the other vehicle or vehicles involved in the accident. Is the driver hurt? Are their passengers suffering? It is imperative to discover both the physical and mental well-being of the drivers and passengers in your own, as well as other vehicles involved.

After discovering the well-being of all individuals involved in the accident, call 911 and wait for help. Do not try moving anyone out of the other vehicle or vehicles if they cannot exit on their own. Wait for an ambulance.

If you are able to exit the vehicle, and the other driver or drivers involved in the accident are also able to exit their vehicles, go ahead and exchange insurance information. Do not admit any guilt when speaking with the other driver or drivers involved in the accident.

If you have a pen and paper in the car, go ahead and document your interpretation of the accident. Save this in your glove compartment for both the insurance company and/or legal counsel that may be obtained in the future.

When speaking with the police, do not admit fault and keep conversation to a minimum. Following this interaction, get a copy of the police report. After speaking with the police and/or seeking medical attention, call your insurance company and make sure they are aware there has been an accident. If you have been found at fault, or are unsure whether or not you will be found at fault, reach out for legal counsel.

Once legal counsel has been obtained, do not speak to anyone regarding the accident except for your attorney. At this point, everything you discuss with your attorney is protected by client and attorney privilege.

While automobile accidents often represent a stressful time in our lives, it is imperative to follow the steps outlined in this article. If you have further questions, please contact Logan Thompson in Cleveland, TN, or go to