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Five Steps to Take if an Injury Has Occurred in the Workplace

Workplace-related injuries can happen anytime.  Consequently, it is ideal to be aware of the proper way to file a worker’s compensation claim. Below are five steps to help guide an injured individual through this process.  

  1. Stage 1: Report the workplace injury immediately. 
    It is essential that workers report a physical issue to their boss quickly. Much of the time, businesses and worker’s compensation insurance agencies attempt to deny claims if the injured worker fails to report the injury promptly. 
  2. Stage 2: Inform one’s primary care physician that the injury is work related. 
    A person suffering from a work related injury seeking medical care, should contact their primary care physician immediately and inform them that the injury occured in the workplace. Likewise, the injured should ensure that the PCP records this data in their clinical notes from the primary and all other visits. Much of the time, businesses and  insurance agencies attempt to deny claims if the principal clinical note excludes documentation that the injury is work related. 
  3. Stage 3: Present written statement of the work related injury.
    It is always a good idea to leave a paper trail, especially when the law is involved. Make a printed statement that is dated and signed detailing the event and submit it to the manager or HR. Keep a copy for your records as well. 
  4. Stage 4: A journal should be kept of all missed periods of work, all expenses and any travel undertaken for the purpose of dealing with the injury.  
  5. Stage 5: Contact a lawyer who specializes in Workers Compensation.  

Undergoing the process of filing for Workers Compensation can be confounding and upsetting. Insurance adjusters are prepared to look for and to record statements that can be utilized against the injured in their case. It is at this point where proper legal representation is essential. 

Logan Thompson will assist the injured in filing their worker’s compensation claim.  They will complete and file all of the required forms, manage any communication or dealings with the employer’s worker’s compensation insurance agency, and ensure that the injured is getting the treatment they need to recuperate.  Additionally, Logan Thompson will fight for the wages the injured deserve while unemployed. Logan Thompson remains with the injured throughout the entire case and strives to ensure that the injured receives the maximum settlement deserved.  

For more information on filing a worker’s compensation claim, please contact Logan Thompson at 423-476-2251 or find them online at

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