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Chances for a successful Social Security Disability appeal

When a Tennessee resident is suffering from a medical condition, injury or illness that leaves them unable to work, Social Security Disability Insurance can be critical. It is problematic in myriad ways if the claim is denied. However, there are options to appeal the decision.

How SGA impacts a disability application

Tennessee residents who are applying for federal disability benefits are advised to keep track of the substantial gainful activity, or SGA, threshold. In 2019, those who are making more than $1,200 a month are not entitled to receive a monthly Social Security disability payment. The application will not be reviewed by an examiner, which means there is no chance that it will be approved.

How to proceed after a disability application is denied

There is a chance that Tennessee residents will have their applications for disability benefits denied. In some cases, an application may be denied more than once. The steps a person takes after having a claim denied depends on where they are in the claim process. If an individual filed another initial application, he or she would want to appeal the decision. However, if an applicant had a first appeal denied, the case would then be appealed to a judge.

Age and education may be considered in SSD cases

Age and level of education can each play roles in the evaluation of Social Security Disability claims in Tennessee. Age may come into play when the person is 50 years old or older, and there is another important age point at 55. Level of education may be important to both the SSI disability and Social Security Disability programs. Generally speaking, the effect of education on the evaluation process is less than might be expected. There are many cases in which the person's level of education plays no role at all.

Work history important to disability benefits applications

Work history is an important part of the application process for Tennessee residents who are seeking Social Security Disability benefits. While providing a medical record is one important part of backing up an application, a work history record is equally important and must be submitted along with a disability benefits application. The Social Security Administration uses this history to determine whether an applicant can return to previous employment, must pursue a new occupation or is too disabled to work.

Applying for disability benefits for a hearing loss

Many Tennessee residents suffer from hearing impairments, some of which can affect their ability to work . People who are hard of hearing may wonder if they can get Social Security Disability benefits for their hearing loss, particularly if they are no longer able to do their jobs because of it. Hearing impairments are included in the Social Security Administration's "blue book" of specified disabilities, with specific standards tied to audiometry testing and speech testing. Audiometry measures a person's levels of hearing and ability to differentiate sounds.

Heart attacks and SSDI

Despite modern advances in cardiac medicine, a heart attack can have a life-changing impact on an individual. The health effects could even lead to employment issues in Tennessee. Someone recovering from a heart attack may wonder if their condition would qualify them for Social Security disability benefits.

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