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Work history important to disability benefits applications

Work history is an important part of the application process for Tennessee residents who are seeking Social Security Disability benefits. While providing a medical record is one important part of backing up an application, a work history record is equally important and must be submitted along with a disability benefits application. The Social Security Administration uses this history to determine whether an applicant can return to previous employment, must pursue a new occupation or is too disabled to work.

There is no public record of past employment, so the Social Security Administration relies on the information provided by the applicants. Most people think that their medical records and doctors' reports are the most important part of their claim, but these work records form a critical part of the decision-making process. In order to be approved for Social Security Disability benefits, applicants must show that they have a severe impairment that will persist for at least a full year. It must prevent the applicant from working and earning a gainful income.

In order to determine whether an applicant can work, the disability examiner must understand the type of jobs a person had. A mechanic who is disabled would not be able to take on work as an accountant absent significant additional training, even if his or her physical disability would not preclude this type of work. On the other hand, an accountant may need to show different types of impairment to receive a successful disability determination. The examiner will look at the types of jobs the applicant performed in the 15 years before seeking benefits.

When people file for Social Security Disability benefits, they may be struggling as they cannot work and bring in an income. A disability lawyer could help SSD applicants navigate the process.

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