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Victims have rights in wrong-way car accident

Motor vehicle collisions can cause damage to property and people. Those who have been involved in a car accident in Tennessee may have the right to file civil claims for the personal injury that they suffered, or the wrongful death of a loved one. Lawyers in this field can assist victims as they work through this process. Successful litigation of these claims may result in financial compensation of expenses incurred as a result of the crash.

One recent afternoon collision in Tennessee involved three vehicles and had serious consequences. According to reports, an SUV was traveling west along Interstate 40 before it crossed over the median and slammed into two other vehicles. The impact of the wrong-way crash sent the SUV into the air before it came to rest in a ditch.

Head-on car accident leaves Tennessee victim seriously injured

When driving, it seems impossible to know what is around the next hill or bend in the road. At any moment, anything could happen, making it all the more crucial that drivers are not distracted while behind the wheel. Those involved in a car accident in Tennessee have the right to file claims in the wake of their personal injury or the wrongful death of a loved one. Lawyers in this field can provide guidance to victims working through this process.

One recent motor vehicle collision occurred after a man reported that his grandmother's car had been stolen. Authorities identified the car the following day and began following the driver. It was then that the driver allegedly sped around a curve and slammed into another vehicle head-on. Emergency personnel were quickly notified of the car accident.

Victims involved in Tennessee truck accidents can take action

Collisions involving 18-wheelers often come with devastating consequences, including serious injuries and deaths, whether they occur here in Tennessee or elsewhere. Families of the deceased victims and seriously injured survivors have the right to take legal action after truck accidents. Filing civil claims for wrongful death or personal injury, as applicable, can potentially provide restitution for damages resulting from such tragedies.

This could be the case in a recent accident that occurred when a tractor-trailer crossed over the median as it traveled along Interstate 24 and struck another semi head-on. The impact of the crash was severe, sending these two semis into a third tractor-trailer and an SUV. The 54-year-old driver allegedly responsible and the second truck driver involved were killed.

Possible wrongful death results from Tennessee car accident

Victims of motor vehicle collisions resulting in personal injury or death may have the right to take action for themselves or on behalf of a deceased loved one. A recent car accident in Tennessee has left several injured and one dead. Those affected by this crash may seek the guidance of a personal injury and wrongful death lawyer to assist them with the claims process.

The driver of a motor vehicle carrying five occupants was attempting to make a left turn onto a roadway when the accident occurred. A northbound car operated by a 77-year-old woman collided with the vehicle. Three passengers in the turning vehicle, including two children ages 3 and 7, were injured and were transported to a nearby medical center for treatment.

Defective products causing injury may lead to claims in Tennessee

Consumers typically buy products assuming that they are safe and effective to use. However, in some cases, defective products may lead to injury or death, leaving manufacturers to issue a recall. People in Tennessee who have bought and used a defective product that caused injury or death have the right to file civil claims.

Drop-side cribs are one product that has been banned by the Consumer Products Safety Commission. A recall was made nearly 10 years ago on this product, as a defect in the design has allegedly led to thousands of injuries and a number of infant deaths. The danger to a child's safety results when hardware in the crib slips or breaks. This then opens up the possibility of the child falling into a gap where he or she may be trapped.

Injured workers have rights in Tennessee workplace accidents

Safety in the workplace is an integral part of any job that one may do. Unfortunately, workplace injuries do sometimes occur, leaving victims wondering what action they can take. For those Tennessee victims suffering from personal injury that occurred in the workplace, lawyers can provide guidance as they work to file claims for the injured workers. Filing civil claims following an injury at work can help hold the company responsible, while possibly providing some compensation to the victims.

A recent worker injury took place at an auto insulation manufacturing site. A worker had been guiding waste materials into a shredder when his hand was caught in the machine. The severe force of the machine on this worker's hand caused it to be amputated from his body. The victim now faces learning to live with one hand and working through the pain and suffering that this has caused.

Tennessee hit-and-run car accident leaves 1 dead

Hit-and-run accidents can happen anywhere, leaving victims wondering what happened and what they are going to do. In many cases, authorities are able to find the party believed responsible for the car accident. When that happens and with the assistance of personal injury and wrongful death lawyers, Tennessee victims can file civil claims against the party deemed responsible.

A recent hit-and-run crash occurred on Interstate 24 and involved two vehicles. A 35-year-old man was traveling along the roadway before he lost control of the car and slammed into another vehicle, according to reports. The second automobile then traveled into a guardrail, causing it to come to a stop. The severe impact of the collision had tragic results.

Tennessee teen dies in head-on car accident

Distracted driving seems to cause more and more car crashes every year. Whether one is texting, under the influence or simply not paying attention, a car accident can result before one realizes what is happening. Victims of distracted driving collisions who suffered personal injury or family members of those who have lost their lives have the right to file civil claims. Tennessee lawyers can provide guidance as victims take action.

One Monday afternoon a 17-year-old girl was traveling along a state highway. Just after 4 p.m., a man driving a motor vehicle in the opposite direction got distracted and lost control. His car crossed over the centerline dividing traffic and slammed into the 17-year-old's vehicle. The head-on collision had a severe impact.

Family has wrongful death claim re Tennessee accident

Victims of motor vehicle collisions typically have their lives turned upside down, often leaving them with physical injuries and emotional damage. For those involved in head-on car accidents, the results can be even more devastating. Whether personal injury or the wrongful death of a loved one is the result, the victims or their surviving family members may have legal recourse. Tennessee accident victims can seek the guidance from an attorney as they move forward in this process.

A recent automobile accident occurred early in the morning and involved two vehicles. A 21-year-old driver crossed over into the opposing lanes of traffic on State Highway 444. She then collided with an oncoming car operated by a 62-year-old woman, in spite of the older woman's effort to move out of the way.

Tennessee 2-car accident causes possible wrongful death

Lawyers in the field of personal injury or wrongful death have experience in handling a variety of cases involving different victims. Those who have been injured or the family members of someone who lost their life in a motor vehicle collision in Tennessee may have the right to take action. One recent car accident cost two people their lives and has left their families grieving.

The automobile crash occurred early one Saturday morning. A 21-year-old was traveling along the eastbound lanes before her vehicle crossed over into opposing traffic. A 62-year-old woman attempted to pull off onto the road's shoulder to avoid colliding with this car, but she was unable to get out of the way. The two vehicles collided head-on, causing a serious impact.

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