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Wrongful death claims possible following fatal Tennessee accident

A heartbreaking motor vehicle collision involving a tractor-trailer has left a family and community grieving. The surviving family members of this fatal car accident may have the right to take action on behalf of those who lost their lives. Filing claims for their wrongful death may give the family some sense of comfort in the midst of this tragedy. Other Tennessee families going through the aftermath of a fatal car crash may also be able to take action; personal injury attorneys can assist them with this process. 

An SUV carrying a family of six was traveling along an interstate in Tennessee when traffic in front of them caused the driver to slow his vehicle to a stop. A semi-truck moving along the roadway behind them, however, reportedly failed to slow down or stop and slammed into the back of the SUV. The impact had fatal results.

Victims have rights after personal injury in Tennessee

A fatal weekend crash has authorities investigating the causes and possible charges that may result. Even if officials do not file criminal charges against the allegedly responsible party, victims have the right to take action for themselves or on behalf of a loved one who lost his or her life. Victims that suffer personal injury in Tennessee motor vehicle collisions can seek assistance from legal professionals as they work to exercise their rights.

This particular incident occurred when one vehicle attempted to make a left turn after the light had turned red, authorities report. Another vehicle was traveling through the intersection in the opposite direction when the turning car failed to yield the right of way. The resulting collision injured several and took the life of one victim.

Tennessee man indicted in fatal car-bicycle accident

Tennessee roads can be dangerous for drivers riding in the largest of vehicles, but those riding bicycles are especially vulnerable. Due to their small profile, bicyclists can be difficult for drivers to see even in the best weather conditions. An accident between a car and bicyclist can often result in devastating consequences.

On December 2, 2015, a bicyclist lost his life in a hit-and-run accident in northeast Tennessee. The accident took place on a local road near Bristol, when officers state that a northbound vehicle struck a bicycle ridden by a 51-year-old man from behind. The driver of the vehicle involved in the wreck left the scene of the accident. It was determined that the bicyclist was wearing a bright sweatshirt, and that his bicycle had reflectors.  

Options for those hurt at work in Tennessee

Being injured in a work-related incident can impact an employee for the rest of his or her life, depending on the seriousness of the injury. While the laws concerning workers' compensation vary by both state and occupation, there are some foundational ideas that are included in most workers' comp laws. Those hurt at work in Tennessee may have the right to file civil claims under certain circumstances.

Workers' compensation laws provide compensation for employees injured on the job, typically with a fixed award for a given situation. This allows those affected by injury to be compensated without having to get into suing the employer or co-workers. If a third party is somehow involved in or responsible for the injury, the worker can also seek compensation from them through civil claims.

Harsher charges possible in Tennessee wrongful death accident

In the state of Tennessee, those convicted of driving under the influence are now going to be facing harsher penalties. New laws that have recently gone into effect hope to decrease the number of car accidents and wrongful death resulting from people driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. For one Tennessee woman, these new laws seem to have come a little too late.

A man drove his motorcycle to work on a morning seemingly like all the rest. When his fiancé did not hear from him when he arrived, she knew something had to be up. Tragically, the young man had been involved in a head-on car accident as he traveled along the roadway.

Tennessee truck accidents leave families grieving

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is asking for information from any witnesses of an early morning crash as they continue their investigation. This one of Tennessee's fatal truck accidents occurred around five in the morning near the ramp of an interstate. The collision has been labeled a hit-and-run as officials search for the party allegedly responsible.

A 44-year-old man was driving his motorcycle along the roadway before the accident occurred. Another vehicle, reported to be a large truck or tractor-trailer, is said to have crossed over a state road into the path of the motorcycle. The driver of the motorcycle attempted to avoid the collision but lost control as he swerved out of the way.

Woman injured in Tennessee car accident can file claims

Hit-and-run motor vehicle collisions can necessitate ongoing investigations as authorities attempt to find the party responsible and then determine any possible causes leading to a crash. In one recent Tennessee car accident, officials were able to quickly locate the driver allegedly responsible for a hit-and-run crash late one Friday night. The victim involved in this collision may have the right to take action for damages and injury resulting from the impact.

After getting off of the interstate, the SUV crashed into the back of another vehicle, but continued along the roadway without stopping. The driver of the SUV traveled further down the street before losing control at an intersection and colliding with a utility pole. The accident occurred sometime around 11:30 p.m.

Family members can file claims after fatal Tennessee car wrecks

Being involved in a motor vehicle collision is typically traumatic. The effects tend to last for months or years, while the memories may last even longer. Those families affected by fatal car wrecks in Tennessee can attest to this fact. In the midst of their grief, though, it may comfort surviving family members to know that they may have the right to take action in an effort to seek compensation for their losses.

Recently, an automobile carrying two occupants was traveling along a roadway when a crash occurred. Allegedly under the influence, the 28-year-old driving the car slammed into a utility pole, causing him to lose control and sending the vehicle careening into a nearby house. The driver, as well as the 24-year-old passenger, fled the site of the accident.

Families can take action after fatal Tennessee truck accidents

One short stretch along a Tennessee interstate has been the site of five fatal motor vehicle collisions caused by wrong-way drivers since March of 2013. Many of these accidents involved tractor trailer trucks. The most recent of these truck accidents has left families grieving for the loss of their loved ones. The family members of the victim killed in this crash may have the right to take action on his behalf.

The accident occurred around 1 a.m. A 21-year-old man was driving along the interstate before he crossed into the lanes of opposing traffic. It was at this point that his vehicle slammed into an oncoming tractor-trailer. The intense impact of the crash caused the hazardous materials on the big rig to ignite.

Tennessee car accident results in possible wrongful death

A motor vehicle collision can occur anywhere and at any point in time. Those who have been involved in a car accident, or lost a loved one in a crash, know this all too well. One such collision recently occurred in Tennessee and resulted in the possible wrongful death of one girl. Her family has the right to take action on her behalf to give them a sense of comfort.

The 29-year-old woman had been driving around on her scooter one Sunday night before she was hit from behind by a pickup truck. After this initial impact, the victim was struck by another automobile. Her bike was stuck under the truck and dragged a quarter of a mile from the site of the accident. The driver fled the scene.

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