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Families can take action after fatal Tennessee truck accidents

One short stretch along a Tennessee interstate has been the site of five fatal motor vehicle collisions caused by wrong-way drivers since March of 2013. Many of these accidents involved tractor trailer trucks. The most recent of these truck accidents has left families grieving for the loss of their loved ones. The family members of the victim killed in this crash may have the right to take action on his behalf.

The accident occurred around 1 a.m. A 21-year-old man was driving along the interstate before he crossed into the lanes of opposing traffic. It was at this point that his vehicle slammed into an oncoming tractor-trailer. The intense impact of the crash caused the hazardous materials on the big rig to ignite.

Tennessee car accident results in possible wrongful death

A motor vehicle collision can occur anywhere and at any point in time. Those who have been involved in a car accident, or lost a loved one in a crash, know this all too well. One such collision recently occurred in Tennessee and resulted in the possible wrongful death of one girl. Her family has the right to take action on her behalf to give them a sense of comfort.

The 29-year-old woman had been driving around on her scooter one Sunday night before she was hit from behind by a pickup truck. After this initial impact, the victim was struck by another automobile. Her bike was stuck under the truck and dragged a quarter of a mile from the site of the accident. The driver fled the scene.

Seeking justice on behalf of a loved one in a Tennessee accident

It is devastating to learn that a loved one has been killed in a car crash caused by another motorist's negligence. In such situations, feelings of anger and frustration often accompany grief. In Tennessee, and all other states, an immediate family member may act on behalf of a fatal accident victim to seek monetary judgment against a driver deemed responsible for a victim's death.

Our experienced team of attorneys has secured tens of millions of dollars on the behalves of wrongful death claimants in court. Although no amount of compensation can replace the loss of a human life, it is often helpful to families facing financial debt in the aftermaths of collisions. Many are faced with funeral expenses, medical bills and other costs they are completely unprepared to meet.

Worker considers legal action after suffering job site injury

When a woman arrived at an out-of-state construction site to pick up her boyfriend, her plan had been to pick him up for lunch. The boyfriend, a construction worker, was helping to build a new genetics center. However, she was unaware that he had suffered a job site injury until she noticed an ambulance and had not caught sight of him. Tennessee workers who suffer an injury at work are entitled to workers' compensation.

The accident took place in early June. The man had been working with another worker to connect rigging when a strap that was supporting a beam suddenly snapped, which caused the beam to collapse on the worker's leg. He was rushed to the emergency room to treat the catastrophic injury. Doctors would end up amputating the worker's leg roughly three inches above his knee.

Community mourns death of teen after fatal accident

A fatal car car accident recently occurred in Sullivan County that took the life of a teen, the authorities say. The Tennessee Highway Patrol is currently conducting its investigation into the accident that took the life of the 16-year-old female high school junior. The one-vehicle crash took place on a recent Monday afternoon around 4:40 p.m.

THP officers say that the vehicle in which the teen was riding as a front-seat passenger was headed south on U.S. Highway 11W. The driver, an 18-year-old male, says he saw road debris and swerved to avoid it. In so doing, the vehicle's two left tires left the road, leading to his overcorrection, the report said.

2 killed in car accident at recent festival in Tennessee

With summer nearly in full swing in Tennessee, temperatures are climbing. However, as the temperature goes up, gas prices continue to stay at historically low levels, which has led many Tennesseans to hit the roads in their vehicles to take road trips. With more and more vehicles on the roads this summer, the chances of being involved in a car accident increase substantially.

A recent car accident that occurred in McNairy County took the lives of a man and a woman. The accident occurred on a recent Saturday afternoon in June. The couple were at a festival and car show when, at around 1:48 p.m., a car suddenly crashed through the festival's barricade and struck them.

Texting and driving a concern for Tennessee drivers

Today's technology allows one to keep in touch and communicate with friends and family at almost any given point in time. It is possible to make plans, change plans or even say "hi" from just about anywhere. While this convenience has its benefits, the perils of texting and driving have become evident throughout Tennessee.

One Tennessee sheriff's department has recently addressed the issue of texting and driving among teenagers. With the advent of summer, many teens are talking with their school friends via text messaging. This form of communication allows them to send a message whenever it comes to mind. Unfortunately, items to be messaged often come to mind while the teen is driving.

Construction worker suffers job site injury

Over the course of one's life, a Tennessee worker may be employed in a variety of fields. Out of all the different fields of work an individual may find him or herself engaged in, construction work is often considered the most dangerous. Due to working in unsafe conditions that include tools, heights and heavy equipment, the chance for suffering a job site injury is often high.

A construction worker recently suffered one such injury while working at an out-of-state construction site. The accident occurred around 10:45 a.m. on a recent Thursday in June. The worker was listed in critical condition after he fell over 60 feet from scaffolding at the site.

The employer's responsibilities for workers' compensation

When a Tennessee worker is injured on the job, the employee typically files a claim with the employer's insurance company. The insurance company then pays benefits, per an approved formula. It is the employer's responsibility to carry workers' compensation insurance and, unless the employer is within certain exempt, limited categories, the employer may be subject to criminal prosecution, including fines and civil liability, if it does not carry this type of required insurance.

There may be situations in which an employee may sue his or her employer instead of receiving these benefits. However, workers' compensation is typically considered the sole remedy for injuries incurred at the workplace. That is why, when an employer fails to provide this type of insurance coverage, the employer may be exposed to steep and severe sanctions.

Chattanooga worker hurt at work

Many individuals experience varying levels of danger while at work on a daily basis. From airline pilots to race car drivers, sometimes a certain level of exposure to risk is to be expected. Due to work conditions and heavy machinery, Tennessee construction workers take their health -- and sometimes, their lives -- in their hands every day. However, when they are hurt at work, they are legally entitled to file a workers' compensation claim.

A construction accident occurred recently in Chattanooga that injured one worker. The accident occurred on a recent Wednesday morning in May. The Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Administration Department (TOSHA) is currently investigating the accident.

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