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Tennessee trucker convicted in impaired driving crash that killed two

If you drive northeast of Cleveland on Interstate 75 for about an hour and a half, you will arrive in Knox County. That is where a jury recently found a Tennessee trucker guilty of manslaughter in a violent truck accident that killed two people in 2016.

The 55-year-old truck driver was convicted of manslaughter, aggravated operating under the influence, as well as driving to endanger, among other charges.

The tragic story of the Mansfield Bar

Have you ever noticed the horizontal bar underneath the rear of semi-trucks on I-75? The steel bar hanging underneath a semi-truck trailer is designed to stop a vehicle from wedging underneath in a crash. There’s a story about this underride bar and why it’s often referred to as the Mansfield Bar.

Jayne Mansfield was a 1950’s blonde bombshell that took Hollywood by storm. But before she had a chance to make it big, she was killed in a car accident. It was June of 1967, and Mansfield was traveling with a male friend, her driver and three of her children near Biloxi when a dense fog from a mosquito spray drifted over the highway. Nobody in her 1966 Buick Electra ever saw the slow-moving semi in front of them. Her car rammed into the tractor-trailer and went completely under the trailer, instantly killing all the adults in the front seat, including Mansfield. Miraculously, the children all survived.

What is Social Security Disability?

Social Security was started in 1935, shortly after the Great Depression. Aging Americans were one of the hardest hit groups during the Depression. America needed a plan to provide for an aging workforce.

Designed to address the long range problem of economic security for an aging population, a contributory system was established. Workers paid taxes into the system so they could receive benefits at a later date. When Social Security started, the program was only designed to provide coverage for those facing old age and unemployment. Social Security Disability (SSD) coverage was added in 1954.

Is it wrong to pursue a personal injury claim?

As surely as God loves Tennessee football, people will talk about personal injury attorneys. You may hear things like, “Ambulance chasers” or “I bet the lawyers were waiting at the emergency room for the ambulance to unload.” Maybe even, “The hardest thing that lawyer did was getting the fella in the full body cast to sign the contract.” You get the idea.

But is pursuing a personal injury claim wrong? Many will point to the McDonald’s coffee lawsuit as the classic example of a frivolous lawsuit—and why they don’t like personal injury claims. However, a little digging shows another side to the story. Stella Liebeck was a grandmother from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She was upfront about it being her fault for spilling the coffee. There are a few things most people don’t know:

Catastrophic injuries are common outcome of truck accidents

Tractor-trailers and other large trucks are such a staple on Tennessee roadways that many drivers forget just how dangerous these vehicles can be. Truck accidents tend to cause more severe damage and injuries when compared with smaller motor vehicles, and the outcomes can be devastating. In such instances, it is important to have the right compensation to handle damages.

Commercial vehicle drivers might be specially trained to handle large vehicles, but that does not mean they always act responsibly. It is not uncommon for truck drivers to become distracted by their cell phones, either by texting, browsing the internet or making a phone call. Some truck drivers engage in other types of irresponsible behavior behind the wheel, such as drinking or purposely going above the posted speed limit.

Withholding important information can lead to injured workers

Safe working environments are paramount for employee safety across Tennessee, but there are some industries that are inherently dangerous. Whether working in construction, manufacturing or an industry dealing with hazardous chemicals, employees should still be protected by reasonable safety measures. When employers shirk their responsibility to enact adequate safety precautions, it often results in injured workers.

Many workers are unaware of their rights in the workplace, including that their employer is legally required to provide workers with information regarding dangerous toxins. A worker does not necessarily have to deal with dangerous chemicals during his or her work duties, as the mere presence of toxic chemicals at a facility can still be dangerous. Employees are often made aware of what chemicals are present through Material Safety Data Sheets, or MSDSs. These sheets not only tell workers what dangerous chemicals are present, but also the health effects, toxicity and procedures for daily handling and leaks.

Car accident blamed on negligent driver, elderly man killed

Even the most careful and defensive driver cannot fully protect him or herself from the actions of a negligent driver. Wrecks caused by negligent or distracted drivers often have devastating consequences, including serious injuries and even death. A Tennessee man was recently the victim of a tragic car accident that police believe was caused by negligence behind the wheel.

Police say that the wreck happened around 10 p.m. on a recent Friday night. The victim was a 78-year-old man, who was driving to his home with passengers. As he made a left-hand turn into the driveway, his vehicle was struck from the side by an oncoming car that was reportedly traveling at an exceptionally high speed, killing the driver.

Legionnaires' Disease outbreak spurs wrongful death suit

Graceland is a popular destination for Tennessee visitors, many of whom choose to stay at the Guest House. Unfortunately, some of the attraction's recent visitors became seriously with Legionnaires' Disease, which is potentially life-threatening. A recent wrongful death suit claims that the hotel was negligent in maintaining its water systems.

Around nine people fell ill with Legionnaires' Disease after spending time in the Guest House's hot tub and pool. Four of the nine were apparently all from the same out-of-state family, who had taken a girls' trip to visit Graceland. Their symptoms cropped up a short time after returning home and they quickly worsened.

Tennessee Ferris wheel accident spurs lawsuits and blame

The food, games and rides are part of what makes going to the fair such a beloved pastime for many Tennessee families. Unfortunately, what was apparently a nice day out at the fair turned into something much more terrifying when several riders were injured on a Ferris wheel attraction. Multiple lawsuits have been filed since the accident.

In Aug. 2016, three minors -- two of whom were sisters -- were enjoying a ride on a Ferris wheel when the incident took place. The gondola that they were riding in overturned, causing serious injury to those inside. A 6-year-old girl was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury while her 10-year-old sister broke her arm. The 16-year-old girl who was riding with them suffered the most extreme injuries, including liver lacerations, at least one collapsed lung, fractured lumbar vertebra and more. A woman riding in a nearby gondola also suffered a broken arm.

Injured workers transported to hospital after explosion

Most people in Tennessee just want a safe and secure working environment, but every year workers across the state end up in the hospital because of work-related accidents. A recent explosion at a chemical plant that handles sensitive gases and liquids resulted in the hospitalization of eight injured workers. The resulting conditions at the plant were so severe that one of the responding firefighters was also hospitalized with symptoms related to heat exhaustion.

Emergency responders were called to the chemical plant shortly after the 4:00 p.m. explosion. Initially, only one worker was discovered to have suffered any injuries, although it was later reported that eight individuals were transported to the hospital for treatment. Surrounding areas -- including a high school and elementary school -- were also affected and had to implement safety measures to avoid potential harm to students.

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