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Bus driver may face charges in Tennessee accident

A bus driver will likely be brought up on charges after crashing her bus full of students on the afternoon of September 15, according to local sources. Tennessee emergency responders came to the scene of the accident around 3 p.m. to discover injured children on board the bus. So far, however, the driver has not been formally charged with a crime. 

According to students aboard the bus, the driver crossed the center line and sideswiped a tractor-trailer headed in the other direction. The force of the impact shattered windows throughout the bus and removed part of the side of the vehicle, forcing the bus off the road. When the bus came to rest, students escaped out the rear of the vehicle. 

Man hurt at work in factory accident

When people suffer injuries on the job in Tennessee, this doesn't just affect them physically. It may also affect them emotionally and financially, particularly if they can't return to work for a long period of time. One man in another state unfortunately was seriously hurt at work following an accident at a factory.

The accident involved a man who ended up being crushed between a couple of machines. These two machines were an electrical box that was stationary and a transfer paddle that had been activated. The man suffered many pelvis fractures as a result of the accident, authorities said. The injuries happened because the factory lacked sufficient procedures for protecting its workers against moving parts of machines during maintenance or service, according to authorities. The company also did not train its employers on correct machine lockout steps or on how to recognize dangers, officials said.

2 TDOT employees hurt at work in Tennessee accident

An on-the-job accident can happen in an instant, but its negative effects can last a lifetime. In an incident that happened on a recent Thursday afternoon, two Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) employees were hurt at work when another vehicle slammed into the truck one of them was driving. The crash happened in Coffee County.

The two TDOT workers suffered severe injuries in the crash. They were transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center for treatment shortly after emergency responders arrived on scene. As of Sept. 4, a hospital representative reported that both men were listed in stable condition.

Combustible dust poses risk for explosion and injured workers

Combustible dust is a risk in many different types of manufacturing facilities, posing a risk for explosions and injured workers. This dust is composed of tiny metal particles, which could ignite a deadly explosion and lead to injured workers with just one tiny spark. While there have been explosions in other countries due to this risk, there have also been several combustible dust accidents in the United States.

In 2011, one Tennessee manufacturing facility had three separate incidents that resulted in five deaths and that could have resulted in even more devastating consequences. The types of facilities that may be at a higher risk for these types of explosions also include food processing plants, rubber, wood, plastics and pharmaceutical facilities. This makes it extremely important for employers to practice safety procedures and observe safety measures, such as installing ventilation systems. Employees should also be trained in safe work habits and how to decrease the risk of these combustible explosion incidents.

Do Morgan Three-Wheelers present a car accident risk?

The Morgan Three-Wheeler is a revolutionary motor vehicle designed to impress. With a chrome V-twin engine exposed for all to see and a three-wheeled open-cockpit design, the vehicle is technically classified as a motorcycle -- with all the fatal car accident risks that come along with that status. Tennessee residents who have had a chance to see it will no doubt remember the way it looks. Regardless of its beauty, though, the three-wheeler has also been subjected to two recalls relating to its apparent braking system defects.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is not saying that the brakes are in danger of malfunctioning themselves. Rather, the recalls have to do with a warning light system designed to notify drivers about a dip in brake fluid. The NHTSA believes that the current warning systems are not in alignment with federal standards. The brake fluid warning light recalls will affect a total of 235 Morgan Three-Wheelers. To prevent the threat of car accident, owners will be able to bring the vehicle back to the dealership for repairs once Morgan sources a warning lamp that is in compliance with federal regulations.

Tennessee oncologist killed in alleged drunk driving car accident

A well-known doctor of oncology from Hermitage has died in a two-car accident in Wilson County. The car accident occurred on a recent Tuesday evening after a 20-year-old driver crashed into the physician. The Tennessee crash happened along Stewarts Ferry Pike at approximately 9 p.m. in the evening.

The 20-year-old driver faces charges of failure to yield to a traffic signaling device and felony reckless endangerment. Authorities also believe they found evidence that the man was driving while intoxicated by drugs and alcohol. However, blood test results are still pending and he has yet to be charged with these offenses.

1 woman killed in car accident with tractor-trailer

A car accident allegedly caused by a tractor-trailer led to the death of one female motorist. As reported by the Tennessee State Patrol, the driver of the truck made several decisions behind the wheel which either caused or contributed to the unfortunate and fatal car accident. The accident occurred along 11W as the truck was attempting to turn onto Sneedville Pike.

As the truck driver was attempting to turn, he apparently realized that the truck would be unable to make the sharp turn. The accident report states that he decided to turn around in the road. As he was turning, the truck directly collided with a car carrying two young women and one infant. One of the women, the driver, was killed in the impact. It appears that the other woman and the baby did not sustain life-threatening injuries.

Do Tennessee texting while driving laws prevent personal injury?

In the state of Tennessee, it is illegal to send text messages on one’s cell phone while driving. As most readers of this blog are well aware, though, just because a law is on the books does not mean that drivers will actually abide by the law. This gives rise to the question: Are text messaging while driving bans actually working to prevent car accidents that often result in wrongful death and/or personal injury?

According to a university in a neighboring state, statistical analysis shows that states with the strictest text messaging bans are achieving the best results. On average, in states who enforce primary text messaging bans on drivers, motor vehicle death statistics are 3 percent lower than states without such laws. A primary ban means that police officers can pull a driver over for the offenses, as opposed to a secondary ban, which cannot cause a driver to be pulled over by itself. States with secondary text messaging bans have not shown any noticeable results.

Logan-Thompson, P.C. Voted Best Law Firm in Cleveland, Tennessee

Thumbnail image for photo.JPG The Cleveland Daily Banner recently released its annual publication identifying the "Best of Bradley County" in a variety of categories ranging from the automotive industry to restaurants. Described as a "Who's Who?" of community favorites, this competition relies on citizens across Bradley County casting their votes to identify the organization they choose as the best in its industry. In the "Services" category of the competition, Cleveland residents were asked to determine which law firm was the best. Voters chose Logan-Thompson, P.C. as the best law firm in Bradley County. This year, attorney James F. Logan, Jr. was chosen "Best Attorney" in Bradley County. Alicia Brakebill, a paralegal for Logan-Thompson, P.C. received the title of "Best Administrative Assistant".

Woman dies in Tennessee bus versus car accident

Tennessee Highway Patrol and Knoxville Police Department investigators have determined that malfunctioning brakes are to blame for a deadly accident that involved a church bus. Officials report that the GMC bus, which was manufactured in 2001, had issues with its brakes leading up to the accident. Still, police say that it will be several weeks before they can complete their report.

The tragic church bus accident occurred on a recent Thursday afternoon in Knoxville. According to police, the bus driver was the first one to tip them off about the brakes. The driver said that he was unable to stop the bus before it crashed into a pickup truck and a car.

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