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Tennessee wrongful death actions

After any fatal accident in Tennessee, everyone is left wondering what could have been done to prevent it. Unfortunately, no amount of second guessing can ever bring back a loved one. However, in the event that your loved one's death was caused by another party's negligence, a wrongful death action that seeks to hold that party financially accountable could be an important part of your grieving process.

At Logan-Thompson, PC, we have a great deal of experience assisting people in pursuing legal claims relating to the negligence and/or illegal actions of others. Sometimes, these claims involve a serious personal injury and sometimes they involve the death of a loved one. Regardless of what happened, our attorneys will listen to your story, review the facts and evidence of your case and inform you of your rights and options. Also, you will not be required to pay any attorneys fees unless and until we obtain financial relief on your behalf. 

Tennessee sees fewer car accident deaths, risk still there

Tennessee residents may be interested in hearing about data that was recently released regarding traffic-related fatalities here in the state. In 2014, reports show that there were 961 total traffic-related deaths. This is a decrease from 995 for the previous year. Reportedly, this is the second-lowest rate of car accident deaths, dating all the way back to 1963.

Authorities credit the increased use of safety belts and active drunk driving campaigns for the decline of car accident deaths here in the state. In fact, reports show that Tennessee State Troopers pulled over and arrested nearly 2,000 more individuals in 2014 than they did in 2013 for suspicion of DUI. There was nearly a 20 percent decline in deaths related to drunk driving in 2014. Moreover, authorities report that they issued more than 25,000 more citations in 2014 than in 2013 in relation to seat belt usage.

Tennessee man loses his life in tragic car accident

A 39-year-old man has lost his life in a tragic Tennessee car accident. According to state troopers, the two-car accident happened in Bulls Gap at approximately 7 a.m. Another man, aged 34, was injured in the collision and was fortunate to survive. 

The rush-hour car accident caused traffic to back up for approximately a half mile along a local roadway. The congestion nearly stretched all the way to the Interstate 81 on and off ramps as emergency crews struggled to free one person out of a blue pickup truck. A white four-dour sedan was the second vehicle involved in the collision.

Accident claims the life of 2 Tennessee drivers

Two drivers died in a Columbia, Tennessee, car accident last week. Tragically, the incident happened just two days prior to Christmas. The fatally injured drivers were a 26-year-old and a 45-year-old. A 25-year-old was also injured, but her injuries were life-threatening. Due to the fatal nature of this accident, wrongful death litigation could be commenced by one or both families of the deceased victims.

A total of three vehicles were involved in the accident, which occurred just before 4:30 a.m. along Bear Creek Pike, about three miles away from Interstate 65. The crash caused all but one lane of Bear Creek Pike to be shut down for the majority of the morning, and police encouraged drivers to take alternate routes. The Columbia Police Department was assisted by the Tennessee Highway Patrol's Critical Incident Response Team while clearing the scene of the crash.

When your child is seriously injured in Tennessee

Tennessee parents hold their children close to their hearts. Indeed, our state's children are the most precious possessions we have. They are our future, they are our blood, and they are the center of love in our homes. That is why, whenever a Tennessee child is seriously injured or killed in a car accident or another kind of accident due to no fault of his or her own, it is an extreme tragedy.

During the holiday season, Tennessee roadways are clogged with dangerous traffic conditions as drivers rush to and from holiday parties, and as shoppers try to buy their last-minute Christmas gifts. This can be a recipe for accidents, especially when an inebriated driver gets behind the wheel after a party. For this reason, the attorneys at Logan Thompson, PC, encourage all parents to drive with extreme caution during this time of the year -- if not for themselves, then for other drivers and children with whom they may be sharing the road.

Tragic Tennessee car accident kills 2

A tragic accident between a logging truck and a fire truck has resulted in two deaths in Hardin County. The Tennessee Highway Patrol reports that the car accident happened while the fire truck was en route to a call. The driver of the fire truck, a 69-year-old man, and the driver of the logging truck, a 30-year-old man, both died in the crash.

According to authorities, the fire truck was on its way to a house fire at approximately 9:30 a.m. on a Tuesday. While en route, it collided with the logging truck. A spokesperson from the highway patrol said that the fire truck had crossed into opposing traffic, which resulted in the collision. The logging truck driver was not wearing his seat belt. Authorities say they cannot determine if the fire truck driver had been using his.

Injured workers receive treatment after Tennessee explosion

Five Tennessee utility workers were hurt on a recent Tuesday when a gas line exploded. The injured workers were employees of Memphis Light, Gas and Water (MLGW). As of Nov. 25, three of them were still reported to be in critical condition at the hospital, while two had already been released.

According to news reports, the MLGW workers were repairing a leak in a gas line when the explosion occurred. First, there was a spark, then there was an explosion and witnesses heard the workers' screams. One man said that the workers were crying for their mothers. He said that this is a sign that they were truly in pain.

Recent study underscores personal injury hazards posed by toys

This is the time of the year when the sales of children's toys soar. The variety of toys available for every age group is astonishing, and parents have a multitude of choices. However, how often do parents stop to consider the dangers posed by many of the toys on the shelves of toy stores? Tennessee parents may be interested in the findings of a recent study on the personal injury hazards posed by toys.

The study based its findings on data about emergency medical treatment of child injuries that were caused by toys from 1990 through 2011. During that time, the number of toy-related child injuries exceeded three million. In 2011 alone, emergency rooms treated a child an average of every three minutes for toy injuries, and children under the age of five accounted for more than 50 percent of those incidents. The primary risk to such young children appears to be toys with small parts that children put in their mouths, causing a choking hazard and was responsible for an average of 14 such emergencies per day.

Have you suffered a job site injury in Tennessee?

A workplace injury can mean a lot of things for a Tennessee worker. For one, the injured employee will be struggling to heal from his or her injuries. Additionally, though, the person who suffers a job site injury may be so debilitated after an accident that the worker is no longer able to complete the duties of his or her job. When a worker cannot work, his or her income stops, creating another problem all together.

Fortunately, for most Tennessee workers, a job site injury will be covered under the state workers' compensation system. Indeed, an injured worker can often pursue benefits to pay for his or her medical care. A worker can also apply for benefits to pay for time spent unable to work. This way food can still be put on the table and rent and other expenses can get paid while the worker is healing from the injuries.

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