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Chattanooga worker hurt at work

Many individuals experience varying levels of danger while at work on a daily basis. From airline pilots to race car drivers, sometimes a certain level of exposure to risk is to be expected. Due to work conditions and heavy machinery, Tennessee construction workers take their health -- and sometimes, their lives -- in their hands every day. However, when they are hurt at work, they are legally entitled to file a workers' compensation claim.

A construction accident occurred recently in Chattanooga that injured one worker. The accident occurred on a recent Wednesday morning in May. The Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Administration Department (TOSHA) is currently investigating the accident.

Fatal 5-car accident kills 1

In the midst of spring, nice weather and declining gas prices, more and more individuals will be taking road trips this summer. However, more cars on Tennessee roads increase the chances for accidents to occur. A fatal five-car accident recently took the life of one individual. It occurred near Memphis on a recent Saturday morning in May. 

The accident was on I-40, close to Sycamore. Around 5 a.m. that morning, Memphis police were called to the site of the accident. According to the accident report, it appears as though as though a chain reaction crash occurred.

Recent Tennessee truck accidents: semi driver causes 8-vehicle ac

A recent truck accident occurred that involved a FedEx semi truck and eight vehicles. The accident, which occurred on a recent Thursday morning in May, happened in Nashville. When Tennessee residents are involved in similar truck accidents that result in their suffering serious injuries, the victims may have legal recourse.

The accident occurred during the morning rush hour on Interstate 24 West. Authorities say that a FedEx semi truck struck at least one other vehicle, possibly one other and these collisions set off a dangerous chain reaction. A portion of the road was closed as the Tennessee Highway Patrol and Metro police conducted their investigation.

Worker suffers fatal job site injury

A 45-year-old electrician recently died in an out-of-state industrial accident. The accident occurred on a recent Friday in April, officials said. When a Tennessee worker suffers a similar fatal job site injury, the family of the victim may choose to file for death benefits via a workers' compensation claim.

Co-workers discovered the electrician, who was unconscious at the time. However, when paramedics arrived at the site of the accident, the man was pronounced dead. He had been performing a tenant-improvement job at the time of the accident, according to the man's employer, Metropolitan Electrical Construction of San Francisco.

Wrongful death claim may follow accident that killed 1, injured 7

A car crash that occurred recently in Davidson County resulted in one individual's death, as well as seven others' injuries. The fatal accident occurred on a recent Monday in April, local police said. When a Tennessee resident is killed in a car accident due to another driver being at fault, it may be appropriate for the victim's family to establish whether a wrongful death suit is viable.

Officials said a 30-year-old male driver crashed his van into one vehicle at an intersection before continuing on to another intersection, where he reportedly did not stop at a red light. His vehicle then struck two SUVs. The 66-year-old Antioch man driving the first SUV died a short time later at the scene, police said.

Truck accidents more common as more drivers fall asleep

When criminally negligent truck drivers push themselves too hard and fall asleep at the wheel, catastrophic crashes can occur. This is part of a larger trend of a decline in safety after decades of progress. More and more truck accidents are occurring in Tennessee and throughout the United States, and many blame the U.S. Congress for loosening safety rules -- even as more truck drivers are pushing themselves to their limits.

Accidents in which trucks were involved were at an all-time low in 2009, when 3,380 people died in 2,983 truck accidents. After the economic doldrums ended and the economy recovered, truck accidents have once again been on the rise. In 2013 -- the most recent year that the finalized statistics were made available -- 3,964 people died in 3,541 truck-related deaths.

Family of fatal accident victim may seek workers' compensation

A man was recently killed in a construction accident that occurred recently in Mentor, Blount County. The accident took place on a recent Tuesday afternoon in late March. When Tennessee workers suffer similar fatal injuries while at work, their loved ones are typically entitled to submit a workers' compensation claim.

The 28-year-old worker was at work in a 4-foot deep trench. For reasons currently explained, the trench suddenly collapsed on him. The worker was in the process of relocating a water line.

Fatal accident claims life of father and daughter

A serious car accident that killed two and injured one other occurred recently in Sumner County. The Bethpage accident may have involved a vehicle initiating an illegal pass, police said. When a Tennessee resident is killed in an accident, the victim's loved ones may be entitled to file a wrongful death claim in civil court.

The accident occurred around 8:40 on a recent Friday night in March, police said. Investigators say a 22-year-old Portland woman was driving, her 55-year-old Westmorland father a passenger in the vehicle's front seat. Their vehicle was traveling in the southbound lane when a pickup truck in the northbound lane attempted to pass another vehicle.

Worker suffers job site injury when car flies off interstate

A Tennessee construction worker was seriously injured in a recent bizarre accident involving a car that "flew" off the interstate and struck him. The accident, which occurred on a recent Wednesday in March in Hamilton County, resulted in the construction worker suffering a serious job site injury. The worker had been involved in a road expansion project for Highway 27 at the time the accident occurred.   

The driver of the car didn't remember what happened or how he lost control of the car, a local Chattanooga news station said. When recounting the crash, witnesses frequently repeated that the crash seemed like something out of a movie. One woman recalled hearing a bang and said it appeared the man's car hydroplaned, even though the roads were not slick at the time of the accident.

Worker suffers critical job site injury

An out-of-state construction worker was recently involved in a construction accident. The accident occurred on a recent Thursday in March, police said. When a Tennessee construction worker suffers a job site injury, the victim is legally entitled to file a workers' compensation claim.

The 29-year-old out-of-state man was struck by a piece of construction equipment. A front-end loader struck the worker while he was working at a job site at a residential development that was under construction, police said. He is currently in critical condition at a local medical center's I.C.U.

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