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Tennessee accident may have resulted in possible wrongful death

Victims involved in motor vehicle collisions have the right to take action. Filing civil claims for the wrongful death of a loved one or for one's personal injury can provide one with a sense of comfort during a time of grief. A recent car accident in Tennessee has left a community and family heartbroken for the loss of a young man.

A 21-year-old man was driving a motor vehicle along a wet roadway late one evening. As he attempted to negotiate a curve in the road, the driver allegedly lost control of the automobile and slammed into a brick mailbox. The 18-year-old passenger in the vehicle suffered a critical injury and was transported to a nearby hospital, where he passed away the next morning.

Tennessee parents have rights in children's wrongful death

Motor vehicle collisions have an impact on everyone involved. A recent fatal bus accident in Tennessee has left families grieving for the loss of their loved ones, especially now as funerals begin. As court proceedings begin for the driver deemed responsible, families may want to pursue their right to file civil claims for wrongful death on behalf of those who lost their lives in this tragic accident.

Prior to this crash, reports administrators and students were apparently concerned about the bus driver's behavior as he operated the motor vehicle. Additionally, the investigation that followed the collision revealed the driver had traveled off of the designated route. Authorities completed a toxicology test, which showed that the bus driver did not have any drugs or alcohol in his system at the time of the accident.

Tennessee school bus accident leaves families heartbroken

School buses are considered to be a safe mode of transportation for students as they go to and from school and school-related events. However, a recent bus accident in Tennessee has people questioning how safe they really are. Families are grieving this week as dozens of children were injured and some lost their lives in this heartbreaking crash. The parents and guardians of those children injured or killed in this accident have the right to take action in the aftermath of this tragedy.

A school bus was transporting approximately 35 children, from kindergarten through 5th grade, when the crash occurred. Authorities believe that speed was a major factor, as the bus slammed into a tree, nearly splitting the bus in two. The impact of the collision caused 23 students to suffer injuries of various kinds. Two students had to be transported to nearby hospitals on a stretcher.

Drunk driving possible cause of Tennessee vehicle accident

Many people have been affected or know someone who has been injured or killed by someone who decided to drive under the influence. Driving while intoxicated seems to have become an accepted, or at least overlooked, part of life in Tennessee and throughout the United States. However, drunk driving is not something to be taken lightly, as evidenced in one recent motor vehicle collision.

A man, thought to be around 21 years of age, was traveling along a roadway before his vehicle crossed the centerline dividing traffic and slammed into a vehicle moving in the opposite direction. The impact of the crash injured both parties in the second car. Both were transported to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Drugs possible cause of Tennessee wrongful death

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol impairs one's ability to react appropriately to situations that may arise while behind the wheel. A recent fatal motor vehicle collision in Tennessee reveals just how heartbreaking the results can be when one decides to drive impaired. The multi-vehicle crash cost one woman her life, leaving her loved ones with the right to file claims for her wrongful death. 

A 24-year-old man was traveling along the roadway when he sideswiped a vehicle moving in the opposite direction. The driver was able to correct his path only briefly before he crashed head-on into a vehicle. The woman driving the vehicle that was struck was killed through the course of the accident. While the man driving the car that was sideswiped did not suffer any injury, the man deemed responsible for both collisions suffered some non-life threatening injuries.

Drunk driving possible cause of fatal Tennessee car accident

Driving under the influence of alcohol or any other substance that may cause some impairment puts that individual and everyone else on the roadway at risk. Operating a motor vehicle requires drivers to pay attention to other vehicles and the situations occurring all around them. Drinking and driving can cause one to react more slowly or drive more recklessly than they would without any impairment. Those involved in a car accident in Tennessee in which driving under the influence may have been a factor have the right to take action.

One recent collision took place in the early morning hours one Sunday. A driver from Georgia was traveling along the roadway before striking another vehicle carrying two occupants. The impact of the crash had severe and heartbreaking consequences. The two occupants in the vehicle that was struck, ages 18 and 20, were not able to overcome the injuries that they suffered and they both died.

Injured workers in Tennessee may be entitled to benefits

Suffering injury on the job does not only result in pain and suffering, but it can also cause financial stress for those who find themselves unable to work and facing medical expenses. Fortunately, states require businesses to maintain workers' compensation insurance in order to cover employees in the case that a work-related injury occurs. In Tennessee, injured workers typically have the right to take action, whether the injury resulted from a construction site accident or in another line of work.

When one files a claim for workers' compensation, it is not suing the employer, but rather seeking the benefits that the insurance can provide. An employee usually has the right to medical care as a part of his or her workers' compensation benefits. This includes any care that is considered reasonable or appropriate to help the victim overcome the effects of the injury.

Drunk driving blamed for fatal hit-and-run in Tennessee

People have a longing for their neighborhoods to be places in which they feel safe, a place where they can walk along the street without fearing for their lives. Unfortunately, one community is experiencing a tragedy following a fatal car accident. The Tennessee hit-and-run involving two pedestrians has led to charges for drunk driving against the party believed responsible.

A couple was walking along a roadway on their way to pick up some chairs from a nearby garage sale. It was early in the afternoon when others in the area reported that they heard a motor vehicle collide with something substantial. Tragically, the witnesses found the couple lying on the street. Authorities quickly arrived at the scene of the crash, and both victims were transported to nearby hospitals.

Accident in Tennessee may have caused wrongful death of victims

Flow of traffic along a roadway is affected by a number of factors and is something of which drivers have to constantly be aware. This remains true of interstates and other major roads that seem to be wide open. A recent motor vehicle collision in Tennessee occurred as traffic got backed up along one street. The results of this car accident are heartbreaking and may lead survivors to file claims for wrongful death.

It was rush hour, so the volume of cars passing along the road on which this crash took place was greater than it would be at other points of the day. The driver of a truck noticed and reacted to the traffic too late, leaving no time for him to stop. Instead, he swerved into the lanes of oncoming traffic and collided with an SUV head-on. The SUV proceeded to strike another vehicle; the truck continued on before flipping over and catching fire.

Fatal Tennessee car accident leaves victims injured, 2 dead

A recent collision in Tennessee involved multiple vehicles and cost two people their lives, while injuring several others. The victims of this car accident and others may have the right to file civil claims for personal injury or the death of a loved one. Legal professionals can assist victims in taking the next step as they determine what action they can take.

This crash occurred along a roadway after a 29-year-old driver reportedly lost control of his vehicle and crossed the center line. The vehicle then collided with two vehicles, one head-on. A fourth vehicle was also involved in the crash, and the 61-year-old driver suffered injury from the impact.

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