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Was your child seriously injured in an accident?

Children are especially vulnerable to accidents, which is why it is our job as parents to protect them from every possible danger. However, no matter how careful a Tennessee parent is, his or her child could still fall victim to an accident caused by another person or business. Indeed, child injuries happen every single day throughout the United States, and sometimes, the injuries are catastrophic or even fatal. 

Car accidents are one of the most common ways that children are injured. At Logan-Thompson, PC, we have represented numerous families in claims regarding the serious injury of a child or children in an auto collision. We also represent families with children who were hurt by slip-and-fall events, by defective products and by animal attacks.

Family seeks justice after tragic death of beloved daughter

According to NCADD (National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence), nearly 13,000 people are killed each year due to alcohol related incidents, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of mishaps that leave people with serious injuries such as paralysis or brain damage. It is believed that an estimated 32% of fatal car crashes involve an intoxicated driver or pedestrian.

Defective product alert: Asbestos-contaminated baby powder?

It sounds hard to believe, but asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that is present in certain talcum mines, and it is finding its way into many consumer products. Talcum -- whether contaminated by asbestos or not -- is a primary ingredient in many talcum powders, baby powders and makeups. Unfortunately, there is no way to know if your baby powder contains asbestos without scientific testing, and many Tennessee consumers are unknowingly buying and using asbestos-contaminated personal hygiene products that should be classified as a dangerously defective product

A group of research scientists recently tested various talcum powders, baby powders and makeups for asbestos contamination. What they found was extremely disturbing. Some of these powders have asbestos in them. When they are applied in closed quarters -- like small bathrooms -- the asbestos contamination in the air can be inhaled. Indeed, the scientists found that consumers who use asbestos-contaminated baby powders are exposing themselves to dangerously high levels of asbestos.

Logan-Thompson, P.C. announces favorable outcome in Civil Arson case

Arson can be defined as the deliberate and malicious act of burning or setting fire to one's property. In addition, insurance carriers routinely assert arson as a defense to prevent having to pay their obligations under a policy of insurance with their insured.

Have you been hurt at work in Tennessee?

Some Tennessee jobs are extremely dangerous while others are comparatively safe. For example, the risk of getting hurt as an executive assistant is less than that of getting hurt at work while re-roofing a home. That said, an individual can suffer an on-the-job injury in just about any kind of circumstance, and that is why almost all workers are covered by workers' compensation insurance.

Workers' compensation insurance covers workers in just about any kind of job. To qualify for benefits, it generally does not even matter if the injury was your fault -- so long as it occurred during the course and scope of your employment. Whether you have an infected finger from a paper cut, or a severed finger from a paper cutter, you may be able to get benefits to pay for the medical care associated with the wound.

Tricks for avoiding a Tennessee car accident

If you want to get serious about safe driving practices in order to avoid an accident, then there are some specific things that you should do and avoid in order to stay as safe as possible. By following the following safe driving practices, Tennessee drivers can dramatically decrease their chances of being in a car accident. You may be surprised to find that you have never heard of some of these practices before.

First, drivers should do whatever they can to avoid the fast lane. Drivers in the right lane or center lane have a better ability to "escape" sudden dangers they find on the roadway. For example, the shoulder is more available to those driving in the right lane. Also, those in the middle lane can veer both right or left in order to avoid an obstacle.

2 dead in Tennessee car accident involving police cruiser

A recent Tennessee crash involving a police officer resulted in two deaths. A 63-year-old man and his 49-year-old passenger both suffered fatal injuries when a police car crashed into their vehicle. The police officer was fortunate to survive the Shelby County car accident.

The chief of police for the precinct that employs the officer said that all his concerns and prayers go to the family members affected by the fatal crash. Although the name of the officer has yet to be released, the police chief said that he has been employed with the force for six years. He said that they have never had any problems with the officer during his entire law enforcement career.

Personal injury claims relating to Tennessee truck accidents

Motor vehicle accidents that involve a semi-truck tend to be vitally different from those involving normal cars. For one, truck accidents tend to involve more severe injuries. That is because trucks are bigger and cause more damage when they collide with another car. Also, when semi drivers cause truck accidents, both the driver and his or her employer will likely be named as defendants in the case.

Common themes tend to pervade Tennessee semi-truck accidents. For example, there may be a problem with the condition of the truck. In such cases, an employer will likely be responsible for the crash, because truck company owners are responsible for the safe up-keeping of their vehicles. Alternatively, the truck driver might have been texting while driving, distracted or engaged in some illegal activity like driving under the influence. 

What will my workers' compensation insurance cover?

An injured Tennessee worker may have to spend a lot of time unable to work and unable to earn a living. He or she may also have costly medical bills to pay in order to recover. This is where workers' compensation insurance comes in -- to help get an injured worker back on his or her financial feet again. Nevertheless, many people wonder about exactly what workers' compensation benefits cover.

Workers' compensation is not making anyone rich, but it can be immeasurably helpful at a time when money is needed most -- when one is too injured to hold down a job and earn a living. Workers' compensation insurance is intended to pay for a variety of expenses. For one, the benefits will cover the cost of medical care needed to treat one's injuries. In some cases, it will even pay for a worker's retraining if a permanent injury prevents one from performing a previous job. 

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