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Tricks for avoiding a Tennessee car accident

If you want to get serious about safe driving practices in order to avoid an accident, then there are some specific things that you should do and avoid in order to stay as safe as possible. By following the following safe driving practices, Tennessee drivers can dramatically decrease their chances of being in a car accident. You may be surprised to find that you have never heard of some of these practices before.

First, drivers should do whatever they can to avoid the fast lane. Drivers in the right lane or center lane have a better ability to "escape" sudden dangers they find on the roadway. For example, the shoulder is more available to those driving in the right lane. Also, those in the middle lane can veer both right or left in order to avoid an obstacle.

2 dead in Tennessee car accident involving police cruiser

A recent Tennessee crash involving a police officer resulted in two deaths. A 63-year-old man and his 49-year-old passenger both suffered fatal injuries when a police car crashed into their vehicle. The police officer was fortunate to survive the Shelby County car accident.

The chief of police for the precinct that employs the officer said that all his concerns and prayers go to the family members affected by the fatal crash. Although the name of the officer has yet to be released, the police chief said that he has been employed with the force for six years. He said that they have never had any problems with the officer during his entire law enforcement career.

Personal injury claims relating to Tennessee truck accidents

Motor vehicle accidents that involve a semi-truck tend to be vitally different from those involving normal cars. For one, truck accidents tend to involve more severe injuries. That is because trucks are bigger and cause more damage when they collide with another car. Also, when semi drivers cause truck accidents, both the driver and his or her employer will likely be named as defendants in the case.

Common themes tend to pervade Tennessee semi-truck accidents. For example, there may be a problem with the condition of the truck. In such cases, an employer will likely be responsible for the crash, because truck company owners are responsible for the safe up-keeping of their vehicles. Alternatively, the truck driver might have been texting while driving, distracted or engaged in some illegal activity like driving under the influence. 

What will my workers' compensation insurance cover?

An injured Tennessee worker may have to spend a lot of time unable to work and unable to earn a living. He or she may also have costly medical bills to pay in order to recover. This is where workers' compensation insurance comes in -- to help get an injured worker back on his or her financial feet again. Nevertheless, many people wonder about exactly what workers' compensation benefits cover.

Workers' compensation is not making anyone rich, but it can be immeasurably helpful at a time when money is needed most -- when one is too injured to hold down a job and earn a living. Workers' compensation insurance is intended to pay for a variety of expenses. For one, the benefits will cover the cost of medical care needed to treat one's injuries. In some cases, it will even pay for a worker's retraining if a permanent injury prevents one from performing a previous job. 

Seriously injured in a Tennessee car accident?

A car accident can result in serious injuries without any kind of warning. In some cases, an individual is seriously injured or killed in a car crash due to another person's negligence, or the negligence of a company. In the event that this happens, injured victims or the family members of deceased individuals may be entitled to financial restitution under Tennessee law.

The ability to pursue a personal injury claim for damages in a fatal or injurious car crash will depend on the circumstances of the injuries and crash. If successfully navigated, however, a personal injury claim can provide victims with money to cover medical care, money to cover lost income and compensation for pain and suffering. Victims can also seek compensation for property damage, attorneys fees and other types of damages depending on the case.

Woman, 85, suffers critical injuries in car accident

Crosswalks are intended for the safety of pedestrians, and most drivers are respectful of those within them. However, there are too many instances where people are injured or even killed in a car accident when drivers are negligent or distracted. One Tennessee woman was recently a victim of a pedestrian accident.

Police indicated that an 85-year-old woman was using a crosswalk around 7:45 a.m. on a recent Monday. Unfortunately, a driver approaching the intersection claims to have not seen her. The 17-year-old driver reported that he had a green signal light and attempted to make a left turn. His vehicle struck the woman and caused her to suffer critical injuries.

Bus driver may face charges in Tennessee accident

A bus driver will likely be brought up on charges after crashing her bus full of students on the afternoon of September 15, according to local sources. Tennessee emergency responders came to the scene of the accident around 3 p.m. to discover injured children on board the bus. So far, however, the driver has not been formally charged with a crime. 

According to students aboard the bus, the driver crossed the center line and sideswiped a tractor-trailer headed in the other direction. The force of the impact shattered windows throughout the bus and removed part of the side of the vehicle, forcing the bus off the road. When the bus came to rest, students escaped out the rear of the vehicle. 

Man hurt at work in factory accident

When people suffer injuries on the job in Tennessee, this doesn't just affect them physically. It may also affect them emotionally and financially, particularly if they can't return to work for a long period of time. One man in another state unfortunately was seriously hurt at work following an accident at a factory.

The accident involved a man who ended up being crushed between a couple of machines. These two machines were an electrical box that was stationary and a transfer paddle that had been activated. The man suffered many pelvis fractures as a result of the accident, authorities said. The injuries happened because the factory lacked sufficient procedures for protecting its workers against moving parts of machines during maintenance or service, according to authorities. The company also did not train its employers on correct machine lockout steps or on how to recognize dangers, officials said.

2 TDOT employees hurt at work in Tennessee accident

An on-the-job accident can happen in an instant, but its negative effects can last a lifetime. In an incident that happened on a recent Thursday afternoon, two Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) employees were hurt at work when another vehicle slammed into the truck one of them was driving. The crash happened in Coffee County.

The two TDOT workers suffered severe injuries in the crash. They were transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center for treatment shortly after emergency responders arrived on scene. As of Sept. 4, a hospital representative reported that both men were listed in stable condition.

Combustible dust poses risk for explosion and injured workers

Combustible dust is a risk in many different types of manufacturing facilities, posing a risk for explosions and injured workers. This dust is composed of tiny metal particles, which could ignite a deadly explosion and lead to injured workers with just one tiny spark. While there have been explosions in other countries due to this risk, there have also been several combustible dust accidents in the United States.

In 2011, one Tennessee manufacturing facility had three separate incidents that resulted in five deaths and that could have resulted in even more devastating consequences. The types of facilities that may be at a higher risk for these types of explosions also include food processing plants, rubber, wood, plastics and pharmaceutical facilities. This makes it extremely important for employers to practice safety procedures and observe safety measures, such as installing ventilation systems. Employees should also be trained in safe work habits and how to decrease the risk of these combustible explosion incidents.

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