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Injured workers must quickly document and report the accident

What does a worker in Tennessee do after being injured in an accident at work? The procedures and common-sense protocols for injured workers are generally similar to those utilized in most other states. The first thing to do is to get attention for the injury. Failure to enter into the care of a physician may result in a denial of benefits at a later date.

This means that the worker must get to the emergency room or to a doctor. The employer will possibly have favored procedures for getting medical attention, and a list of physicians may be posted. In a serious injury where the worker is unconscious or severely incapacitated, the supervisor and co-workers will likely step in to call the emergency aid responders, including police, ambulance and fire department workers.

Truck accidents can have bizarre scenarios and serious injuries

Each vehicular accident occurring in Tennessee and elsewhere must be first analyzed for the presence of negligence, then whether there is causation, and finally whether the imposition of liability for damages will flow from there. Truck accidents are among the deadliest on the state's highways. A recent accident involving a dump truck sent four people to the hospital with injuries after an evening crash on Interstate 81 in Blountville.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol reported that a dump truck was traveling southbound with its bed raised. The bed became lodged in an overpass and blocked one or more traffic lanes on the interstate. The Highway Patrol dispatch indicated that the bed was ripped from the truck and thrown onto the roadway.

Drunk driving, speeding suspected in fatal single-vehicle crash

There are single-vehicle accidents in Tennessee that may be the subject of one or more claims for personal injury damages. These claims are created when a driver negligently or recklessly loses control of the vehicle and crashes into a stationary object such as a wall or guard rail. Where the vehicle rolls over after impact, the prospects of passengers suffering serious personal injury are increased. The driver's negligent operation of the vehicle may be due to drunk driving, texting, drugs, speeding, fatigue or general distracted driving.

Thus, there does not always have to be a car crash with one or more other vehicles for there to be a personal injury claim arising out of a collision. It can be a single-car collision and the claim may be made against the driver by his passenger(s). Where the accident is caused by the driver's impairment through alcohol or drugs, it is not generally a defense for the driver to claim that the passenger was also inebriated.

Tennessee chain reaction car accident leaves 2 injured

Following too closely is the cause of a great deal of motor vehicle collisions. A recent chain reaction car accident in Tennessee appears to have been a result of this. Those involved in crashes like this one may have the right to file civil claims for the injuries that they suffer. Personal injury lawyers can provide assistance as victims work through this process.

In this particular collision, three cars were westbound when one of the vehicles began to slow down in order to make a left turn. While the car directly behind the one that was turning slowed down, the third car did not and rear-ended the second vehicle. The impact of the crash sent these two vehicles into the lanes of opposing traffic.

Tennessee victims have rights after injury or illness from lead

Most people do everything they can to make their home safe and secure for their loved ones who will be living in it. However, sometimes dangers can be present without one knowing. Lead, which is an extremely toxic metal, has been used to make products that one would typically find in and around a house. More recently, the toxicity of lead has been realized and is used less and less for these products. Tennessee families that may have experienced personal injury or illness because of lead-based products may have the right to take action.

Although companies have moved away from products such as lead-based paint, older homes and renovation sites remain potential sites of this harmful substance for children and adults. This can be especially dangerous for young children, as they tend to touch things and put their hands in their mouths more frequently. Consuming paint chips, some soils that contain lead and breathing in lead dust can all have serious consequences.

Bicyclist can take action after Tennessee car accident

Pedestrians, motorcyclists and bicyclists tend to be at a greater risk of injury when involved in motor vehicle collisions. Victims of these crashes in Tennessee may be able to file civil claims. One such recent car accident involved a single vehicle and a bicyclist, leaving one man needing medical attention.

One sunny day, two men were out for a bike ride before the incident occurred. The roadway on which they were riding has signs permitting the bicyclists to ride in the lane of travel. As they moved along the street, two vehicles attempted to pass them in the opposing lane of traffic. While the first car successfully passed the bicyclists, the second vehicle slammed into the side of one of the men on a bike.

Single vehicle car accident? Tennessee victims can file claims

Single vehicle collisions can leave behind as much damage as crashes involving several vehicles. While the victims may think there is nothing they can do in the midst of their injuries and pain and suffering, that is not the case. Tennessee lawyers in the field of car accidents and personal injury can provide guidance to those involved in a single-vehicle car accident. With an attorney's assistance, the victim may choose to file claims against the party allegedly responsible.

One such crash occurred recently early one Sunday afternoon along a state road. A motor vehicle was purportedly speeding, and the the driver was apparently unable to successfully navigate a curve. The vehicle ran off of the roadway and slammed into a tree.

Navigating the aftermath of a child injury

Most Tennessee parents are diligent in their efforts to keep their children safe at all times. Some mishaps simply can't be avoided, such as if a little one stumbles and falls while running in the yard or bumps into a tree or other object while playing. However, when a child injury occurs because of a defective product or another person's negligence, parents may feel frustrated and upset and wonder what can be done to rectify the situation.

When a child is injured in an accident of any sort, it's obviously most important to see that appropriate medical attention is provided as soon as possible. Even minor injuries can sometimes have long-lasting negative effects that prevent a child from returning to his or her normal activities. More serious injuries can have devastating, life-changing consequences.

Victims have rights in wrong-way car accident

Motor vehicle collisions can cause damage to property and people. Those who have been involved in a car accident in Tennessee may have the right to file civil claims for the personal injury that they suffered, or the wrongful death of a loved one. Lawyers in this field can assist victims as they work through this process. Successful litigation of these claims may result in financial compensation of expenses incurred as a result of the crash.

One recent afternoon collision in Tennessee involved three vehicles and had serious consequences. According to reports, an SUV was traveling west along Interstate 40 before it crossed over the median and slammed into two other vehicles. The impact of the wrong-way crash sent the SUV into the air before it came to rest in a ditch.

Head-on car accident leaves Tennessee victim seriously injured

When driving, it seems impossible to know what is around the next hill or bend in the road. At any moment, anything could happen, making it all the more crucial that drivers are not distracted while behind the wheel. Those involved in a car accident in Tennessee have the right to file claims in the wake of their personal injury or the wrongful death of a loved one. Lawyers in this field can provide guidance to victims working through this process.

One recent motor vehicle collision occurred after a man reported that his grandmother's car had been stolen. Authorities identified the car the following day and began following the driver. It was then that the driver allegedly sped around a curve and slammed into another vehicle head-on. Emergency personnel were quickly notified of the car accident.

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