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Man suffers fatal job site injury

A job site injury claimed the life of a construction worker when he fell to his death recently. The fatal accident occurred at an out-of-state construction site on a recent Friday in January. When Tennessee workers suffer a fatal job site injury, their dependents are entitled to file a workers' compensation claim for death benefits.

Man suffers job site injury when concrete wall falls on him

A man was recently flown to a hospital after a section of a block wall collapsed on him. The accident occurred out of state on a recent Tuesday morning while he was at work in a warehouse, fire officials said. In Tennessee, when a job site injury like this occurs to a construction worker, an individual is typically entitled to file a workers' compensation claim for benefits.

Bus driver hurt in accident, may seek workers' compensation

A bus driver and two children were taken to a hospital recently following an accident. Police say the accident involved one other vehicle and occurred on a local roadway in Rutherford County. As a result of being injured on the job in Tennessee, the bus driver will likely be entitled to collect workers' compensation benefits.

Worker falls 30 feet and hurts back in job site injury

It is fairly common for a job site injury to occur on construction projects in Tennessee. This is due, in part, to the fact that construction workers typically work at great heights and around heavy machinery on a daily basis. A recent construction accident in another state resulted in a job site injury and landed a worker in the hospital.

Worker severely electrocuted in job site injury

Although accidents can occur in many lines of work, injuries are often most common at construction sites. Between the equipment that employees utilize, the heights they must climb to and the dangerous surroundings they typically work in, accidents occur on Tennessee construction job sites all too frequently. One recent job site injury at a construction site in another state sent a worker to the hospital.

Worker killed in fatal job site injury due to fallen tree

When a Tennessee worker operates heavy machinery outdoors, the job often carries with it a greater chance of getting injured. Between the machinery and the inherent dangers of many job sites, the risk of injury is substantial. When a job site injury is fatal, the deceased worker's dependents typically file a workers' compensation claim for death benefits.

Employees of ConAgra Foods hurt at work when plant pipe explodes

Many types of jobs in Tennessee include a certain level of danger in employees' day-to-day job responsibilities. From construction workers to factory workers around heavy machinery, the chance to be hurt at work often goes along as part of the job. A recent job-site accident at a food plant resulted in several employees being injured.

High speed chase leaves cop hurt; may seek workers' compensation

Whether rushing to make an appointment or late for work, drivers all over Tennessee speed for a variety of reasons. However, most drivers, when caught speeding by a police officer, pull over. One driver who did not led officers on a high speed chase that ended in a car accident and resulted in an officer being injured. As the officer was injured on the job, he may seek to file for workers' compensation benefits. 

Have you suffered construction injuries in Tennessee?

Operators of heavy machinery at construction sites face serious dangers on the job. One wrong move and the operator of the machinery or a nearby person could suffer a catastrophic or fatal injury. This is why it is absolutely necessary that machinery like forklifts, cranes, bulldozers and backhoes are maintained in perfect working condition. It is equally important that the operators of these machines receive appropriate safety training to limit the chances of an accident that results in construction injuries.

Injured workers complain about burns at McDonald's

Employees from various McDonald's restaurant locations across the country have banded together in protest of the restaurant's treatment of their burn injuries. The employees say that McDonald's failed to give them appropriate first aid after they were burned on the job. The injured workers have organized protests, and they have received support for the "Fight for 15" workers' rights group, which is demanding that fast food employees in Tennessee and the rest of the country receive a minimum wage increase up to $15.00.

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