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Car accident injures 3 individuals in Tennessee

If a loved one is seriously injured in a car accident, a range of thoughts may flood a person's mind, including questions about how such a catastrophic situation could have happened. Amid the grief, the family members of the critically injured individual may feel enraged at the person who they believe caused the crash. The injured victim has the right to seek reimbursement for monetary damages associated with the car accident in this situation, and the surviving family may do so in those circumstances where a victim ultimately does not survive.

Appalachian festival parade near Tennessee border turns deadly

As the Memorial Day holiday approaches, friends and family members might attend cemeteries at local Tennessee cemeteries, perhaps putting a flag on the grave of a brave veteran. Bigger cities, like Nashville, might plan music, concerts and other activities over the three-day weekend. Yet even smaller Tennessee neighborhoods might sponsor local parades to commemorate the brave men and women who have defended America.

Tennessee campaign targets TBI awareness, prevention

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam recently announced that March is Brain Injury Awareness Month in the state. The need for the campaign is evident by the number of patients admitted to Tennessee hospitals each year with traumatic brain injuries: about 8,000, according to the Tennessee Department of Health. Nationwide, about 1.7 million Americans suffer a brain injury each year.

Tennessee safety data reveals more fatal crashes in 2012

Tennessee officials in various counties compile reports of the previous year's fatal motor vehicle crashes. Such data, which typically includes descriptions of the circumstances surrounding each crash, can help the Tennessee Department of Safety and other local officials issue spot for dangerous road conditions or intersections. The data may also indicate trends in distracted or unsafe driving which may help lawmakers pass new laws to make the state's roads safer.

Distracted driving in work zones can be fatal

According to preliminary data recently released by the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security, 12 people died in work zones on Tennessee roads in 2012. Yet Tennessee readers may be surprised to learn that only three of those fatalities were roadside workers. The remaining nine fatalities were in vehicles traveling in the work zones.

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