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Speeding teenager allegedly caused injuries to 4 others

The number of car accidents that involve teenage drivers is a concern to many people across the country, including in Tennessee. The lack of driving experience may contribute to teenage crashes, especially when they are speeding. Unfortunately, teenagers often travel in groups, and it is not uncommon for several passengers to suffer injuries, or worse, when accidents occur.

Motorcycle accident in Tennessee kills 2 and injures 1

Motorcycle accidents are often extremely dangerous. Since motorcycles offer no protection, serious injuries or deaths are often the result. In one recent tragic Tennessee accident that occurred in mid-April, a 31-year-old motorcyclist and a 21-year-old man were killed, and a 23-year-old woman was critically injured.

Hit-and-run accident kills Tennessee man

Car accidents are, unfortunately, a common occurrence in Tennessee. Even if everyone involved escapes injury, something as minor as a fender bender can leave the parties affected deeply shaken and overwhelmed emotionally. However, when a car accident results in the death of an innocent victim, Tennessee law provides  an opportunity to pursue a claim for financial recourse for the family of the deceased victim.

Logan-Thompson, P.C. announces favorable outcome in Civil Arson case

Arson can be defined as the deliberate and malicious act of burning or setting fire to one's property. In addition, insurance carriers routinely assert arson as a defense to prevent having to pay their obligations under a policy of insurance with their insured.

1 woman killed in car accident with tractor-trailer

A car accident allegedly caused by a tractor-trailer led to the death of one female motorist. As reported by the Tennessee State Patrol, the driver of the truck made several decisions behind the wheel which either caused or contributed to the unfortunate and fatal car accident. The accident occurred along 11W as the truck was attempting to turn onto Sneedville Pike.

Tennessee government tries to prevent teen car wrecks

Every Tennessee parent will agree that it is important to educate teens on safe driving practices in order prevent accidents and injuries. Indeed, story after story can be told regarding the loss of life and car wrecks that have resulted from a teen driver whose life was cut too short. While some of these accidents are caused by the teens themselves, others involve teens who were the unfortunate victims of another irresponsible driver. Still, defensive driving practices and safe driving practices, if properly learned, can most certainly save lives.

Tragic pedestrian accident kills Tennessee soldier

Most Tennessee residents do their best to follow traffic laws, obey traffic signs and watch out for fellow drivers and pedestrians on the road. However, no matter how careful one is, there will always be drivers who disregard the law and the safety of those around them. When a Tennessee resident is killed in an accident caused by the negligence of another party, surviving family members will have the right to seek justice by way of a wrongful death claim in a civil court.

Three Tennessee drivers suffer injury in a head-on car accident

Tennessee residents can better appreciate their daily lives and their family members when they stay aware that a tragic accident could take one of them away in an instant. Every single day, loved ones mourn the loss of someone dear who was lost to a sudden and unexpected Tennessee traffic accident. However, as many are already aware, the empty space of not having this person in our lives never really goes away.

8 people killed in tragic Tennessee bus accident

On Wednesday, Oct. 2, a tragic bus crash in Tennessee resulted in the death of eight people. The accident occurred while a bus loaded with churchgoers traveled along Interstate 40 through northeastern Tennessee. After the accident, the bus was left on its side. In addition to the eight people who were killed, there were an additional fourteen people were injured. Two of the injured were critically hurt.

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