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Truck accidents: Fatal head-on collision under investigation

Whenever road accidents in Tennessee result in death or severe injuries, thorough accident investigations are carried out. While the circumstances and cause of some accidents may be evident, others may require more investigative skills, and even reconstructionists, to determine what caused an accident and who was at fault. Special skills are often required when truck accidents are being investigated.

Personal injury claims relating to Tennessee truck accidents

Motor vehicle accidents that involve a semi-truck tend to be vitally different from those involving normal cars. For one, truck accidents tend to involve more severe injuries. That is because trucks are bigger and cause more damage when they collide with another car. Also, when semi drivers cause truck accidents, both the driver and his or her employer will likely be named as defendants in the case.

Fatal truck accident injury: I-40 accident kills 4

According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, a traffic accident has resulted in the death of four individuals in West Tennessee. Two semi-trucks and two passenger vehicles were involved in this fatal truck accident injury case. Authorities believe that two of the deceased victims were riding in one of the vehicles, and the other two deceased victims were riding in one of the semi-trucks.

Catastrophic injuries and 2 deaths in Tennessee truck accident

A motor vehicle crash involving a tractor-trailer, a sport utility vehicle and a pickup truck occurred along Interstate 40 on a recent Friday afternoon. According to the police department in Knoxville, the violent collision ended in the death of two people. It was not until late that evening that all traffic lanes reopened. At one point, interstate traffic was congested as far as four miles behind the Tennessee truck accident site where the catastrophic injuries occurred.

Truck accidents in Tennessee can cause serious injuries

A massive injury accident involving a tractor-trailer recently occurred in Tennessee. Truck accidents can cause major injuries due to the large size of these vehicles and the potentially fast speeds at which they are traveling on an Interstate highway. The recent truck accident started while a police officer investigated a single-vehicle accident involving an allegedly intoxicated woman. A tow truck driver was also on the scene.

Fatal truck accident possibly caused by distracted driving

Accidents on Interstate roadways are often more traumatic due to the high speeds and congested traffic. In Tennessee, where big trucks and personal automobiles share lanes a collision can result in serious injury or death. Despite extensive training to obtain a commercial driver's license, there is not a surefire way to prevent serious accidents from occurring, especially when truck drivers can be just as inclined toward speeding and distracted driving.

New data released on Tennessee truck accidents

Trucks tend to be some of the largest vehicles on the road. For that reason, it is not surprising that accidents involving pickups and other kinds of trucks cause a great deal of property damage, personal injury and losses in productivity. However, a recent study that focused on trucks weighing more than 10,000 pounds has documented some facts about truck accidents that are considerably alarming.

Tennessee truck accidents: 2 killed, 1 injured in tragic crash

On Thursday, Nov. 7, a tractor-trailer accident resulted in the death of two people, and one person was injured. The incident occurred shortly after 1 a.m. and caused road closures until approximately 9 a.m. Truck accidents like this cause horrific damages for Tennessee drivers, including death, catastrophic injury and the destruction of personal property.

Truck accidents: 67-year-old killed, police suspect DUI a factor

Truck accidents are some of the most dangerous on Tennessee roads. Truck accidents involve the largest and heaviest vehicles on the road, sometimes they carry payloads of volatile and caustic chemicals, and when they involve a smaller vehicle the resulting death, injury and destruction can be heart wrenching. When alcohol is also brought into the mix, we have a recipe for disaster.

Tennessee truck accidents: Cow in the road leads to 4 deaths

Owners of livestock have a responsibility to keep their cows, sheep and chickens in check. Should one of their animals escape and make its way into the middle of a major highway, an accident could result. Many truck accidents have been caused this way on Tennessee highways resulting in serious injury and death to the drivers involved.

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