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Tennessee wrongful death actions

After any fatal accident in Tennessee, everyone is left wondering what could have been done to prevent it. Unfortunately, no amount of second guessing can ever bring back a loved one. However, in the event that your loved one's death was caused by another party's negligence, a wrongful death action that seeks to hold that party financially accountable could be an important part of your grieving process.

Accident claims the life of 2 Tennessee drivers

Two drivers died in a Columbia, Tennessee, car accident last week. Tragically, the incident happened just two days prior to Christmas. The fatally injured drivers were a 26-year-old and a 45-year-old. A 25-year-old was also injured, but her injuries were life-threatening. Due to the fatal nature of this accident, wrongful death litigation could be commenced by one or both families of the deceased victims.

Do Tennessee texting while driving laws prevent personal injury?

In the state of Tennessee, it is illegal to send text messages on one’s cell phone while driving. As most readers of this blog are well aware, though, just because a law is on the books does not mean that drivers will actually abide by the law. This gives rise to the question: Are text messaging while driving bans actually working to prevent car accidents that often result in wrongful death and/or personal injury?

Woman dies in Tennessee bus versus car accident

Tennessee Highway Patrol and Knoxville Police Department investigators have determined that malfunctioning brakes are to blame for a deadly accident that involved a church bus. Officials report that the GMC bus, which was manufactured in 2001, had issues with its brakes leading up to the accident. Still, police say that it will be several weeks before they can complete their report.

Tennessee drunk driver accident claims life of ex-lawmaker

Tennessee drivers strive to operate their motor vehicles safely to avoid car accidents. However, in some cases, a crash is unavoidable -- especially when it is caused by another driver who happens to be drunk behind the wheel. Unfortunately, a drunk driving car accident like this can happen in an instant, but those who are harmed (and their family members) may be affected by the harsh reality of its aftermath for years to come.

Automakers recall even more cars to reduce accident risks

On May 9, two automakers announced the recall of several hundred thousand motor vehicles. These recalls will serve to make the ever-growing list of recalled automobiles only that much longer in the coming year, though they will hopefully prevent car accident related injuries caused by dangerous defects. As for the specifics, Ford announced recalls for approximately 692,500 Escapes and 65,000 C-Max crossovers. Chrysler, in turn, announced recalls for approximately 780,000 minivans. These recalls will affect Chrysler and Ford owners in Tennessee and the rest of the United States.

Alcohol and marijuana-using teens have higher auto accident risk

Tennessee parents may be curious to hear about a study that examined alcohol use combined with pot smoking among teenagers. The study indicated that some teens could be more prone to unsafe driving if they have engaged in the combining of both alcohol and marijuana at the same time. Any time statistics point to an activity that leads to the possibility of personal injury or wrongful death in a tragic accident, drivers and -- in this case -- parents may wish to take note.

Nissan tries to prevent personal injury with massive recall

Nissan has issued a recall of nearly one million cars due to a defect in the passenger airbag systems. According to the car manufacturer, a problem with the computer systems contained in certain Nissan automobiles could result in the passenger side airbag failing to deploy. If the airbag fails to deploy in a car crash scenario, it could increase the possibility of personal injury and death.

Tennessee airplane accident kills 4 in fiery explosion

A horrific and fiery Tennessee plane crash has resulted in the death of four people. The twin-propeller aircraft crashed on a recent Monday afternoon, next to a place where children were playing and swimming at a YMCA. One witness said she was with the playing children at the time of the crash, heard the explosion and saw what she describes as a wall of flames erupting from the accident site.

Terrifying accident claims life of much loved Tennessee man

A commercial truck hit and killed a Middle Tennessee State University student on a recent Friday morning. The 28-year-old man was in his wheelchair trying to cross the street at the time of the tragic accident. The dump truck that caused the incident was attempting to make a right turn when it collided with the student.

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