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Grad students killed in fatal accident

Tennessee police officers recently arrested a man accused of causing a deadly accident. Although the driver ran away from the scene of the wreck, police were able to identify him based on witness descriptions and his vehicle that he left behind. The two people who died in the fatal accident were both college students.

Motorcyclist injured in multi-vehicle accident

Motorcycle riders are at a disadvantage when compared with occupants of larger motor vehicles. Not only do drivers frequently forget to look for motorcycles, but riders may also be at a higher risk for injury during wrecks. For example, a motorcyclist in Tennessee was the only victim to suffer a personal injury in a recent motor vehicle accident.

Driver charged for fatal accident

Driving is dangerous even for the safest, most cautious drivers. It is impossible to control other drivers' actions, many of which might be dangerous or reckless. Tennessee police believe that a man's recent death was the result of another driver's actions and have since charged that individual for his role in the fatal accident.

Wrongful death: Alleged drunk driver charged in fatal wreck

Tennessee police believe that the driver who caused a recent fatal accident was intoxicated at the time of the wreck. He is facing a number of criminal charges, including vehicular homicide and DUI. However, for the families of those who have died in drunk driving accidents, criminal charges may not feel like sufficient justice for their loved ones. Some find that also pursuing wrongful death lawsuits can be helpful for processing grief.

Tennessee still has too many distracted driving accidents

Most drivers know just how dangerous it is to text while driving, but many people continue to use smartphones while behind the wheel anyway. A new state law aimed at reducing distracted driving rates went into effect on July 1, 2019. Despite this action, it does not appear as if there has been any significant reduction in distracted driving accidents.

Legionnaires' Disease outbreak spurs wrongful death suit

Graceland is a popular destination for Tennessee visitors, many of whom choose to stay at the Guest House. Unfortunately, some of the attraction's recent visitors became seriously with Legionnaires' Disease, which is potentially life-threatening. A recent wrongful death suit claims that the hotel was negligent in maintaining its water systems.

Victims have rights in wrong-way car accident

Motor vehicle collisions can cause damage to property and people. Those who have been involved in a car accident in Tennessee may have the right to file civil claims for the personal injury that they suffered, or the wrongful death of a loved one. Lawyers in this field can assist victims as they work through this process. Successful litigation of these claims may result in financial compensation of expenses incurred as a result of the crash.

Possible wrongful death results from Tennessee car accident

Victims of motor vehicle collisions resulting in personal injury or death may have the right to take action for themselves or on behalf of a deceased loved one. A recent car accident in Tennessee has left several injured and one dead. Those affected by this crash may seek the guidance of a personal injury and wrongful death lawyer to assist them with the claims process.

Tennessee teen dies in head-on car accident

Distracted driving seems to cause more and more car crashes every year. Whether one is texting, under the influence or simply not paying attention, a car accident can result before one realizes what is happening. Victims of distracted driving collisions who suffered personal injury or family members of those who have lost their lives have the right to file civil claims. Tennessee lawyers can provide guidance as victims take action.

Family has wrongful death claim re Tennessee accident

Victims of motor vehicle collisions typically have their lives turned upside down, often leaving them with physical injuries and emotional damage. For those involved in head-on car accidents, the results can be even more devastating. Whether personal injury or the wrongful death of a loved one is the result, the victims or their surviving family members may have legal recourse. Tennessee accident victims can seek the guidance from an attorney as they move forward in this process.

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