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Withholding important information can lead to injured workers

Safe working environments are paramount for employee safety across Tennessee, but there are some industries that are inherently dangerous. Whether working in construction, manufacturing or an industry dealing with hazardous chemicals, employees should still be protected by reasonable safety measures. When employers shirk their responsibility to enact adequate safety precautions, it often results in injured workers.

Injured workers transported to hospital after explosion

Most people in Tennessee just want a safe and secure working environment, but every year workers across the state end up in the hospital because of work-related accidents. A recent explosion at a chemical plant that handles sensitive gases and liquids resulted in the hospitalization of eight injured workers. The resulting conditions at the plant were so severe that one of the responding firefighters was also hospitalized with symptoms related to heat exhaustion.

Injured workers must quickly document and report the accident

What does a worker in Tennessee do after being injured in an accident at work? The procedures and common-sense protocols for injured workers are generally similar to those utilized in most other states. The first thing to do is to get attention for the injury. Failure to enter into the care of a physician may result in a denial of benefits at a later date.

Injured workers have rights in Tennessee workplace accidents

Safety in the workplace is an integral part of any job that one may do. Unfortunately, workplace injuries do sometimes occur, leaving victims wondering what action they can take. For those Tennessee victims suffering from personal injury that occurred in the workplace, lawyers can provide guidance as they work to file claims for the injured workers. Filing civil claims following an injury at work can help hold the company responsible, while possibly providing some compensation to the victims.

Injured workers in Tennessee may be eligible for workers' comp

Victims of personal injury in the workplace may desire to file claims. Injured workers in this situation can obtain assistance from a Tennessee lawyer with experience in workers' compensation, who could help them through the process. Regardless of one's occupation, compensation for the medical expenses resulting from a workplace injury may be possible for the victim.

Fatal job site injury leads to fines for Nissan plant in Tennesse

When an employee dies on the job unexpectedly, the Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Administration conducts an investigation into the incident. If the agency determines that the employer violated safety rules, citations and fines could be ordered. TOSHA recently cited and fined a Nissan plant here in the state in connection with a fatal job site injury that took place in Nov. 2016.

Injured workers in Tennessee have the right to compensation

Various safety precautions are put in place in order to prevent injuries at businesses. In the event that precautions are not monitored or adequate safety guards are not in place, injury may result. Employees in Tennessee and elsewhere who suffer personal injury at the workplace may have the right to file workers' compensation claims. Lawyers in the workers' compensation field can assist injured workers throughout this process.

Injured workers in Tennessee may be entitled to benefits

Suffering injury on the job does not only result in pain and suffering, but it can also cause financial stress for those who find themselves unable to work and facing medical expenses. Fortunately, states require businesses to maintain workers' compensation insurance in order to cover employees in the case that a work-related injury occurs. In Tennessee, injured workers typically have the right to take action, whether the injury resulted from a construction site accident or in another line of work.

Options for those hurt at work in Tennessee

Being injured in a work-related incident can impact an employee for the rest of his or her life, depending on the seriousness of the injury. While the laws concerning workers' compensation vary by both state and occupation, there are some foundational ideas that are included in most workers' comp laws. Those hurt at work in Tennessee may have the right to file civil claims under certain circumstances.

Worker considers legal action after suffering job site injury

When a woman arrived at an out-of-state construction site to pick up her boyfriend, her plan had been to pick him up for lunch. The boyfriend, a construction worker, was helping to build a new genetics center. However, she was unaware that he had suffered a job site injury until she noticed an ambulance and had not caught sight of him. Tennessee workers who suffer an injury at work are entitled to workers' compensation.

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