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Catastrophic injuries are common outcome of truck accidents

Tractor-trailers and other large trucks are such a staple on Tennessee roadways that many drivers forget just how dangerous these vehicles can be. Truck accidents tend to cause more severe damage and injuries when compared with smaller motor vehicles, and the outcomes can be devastating. In such instances, it is important to have the right compensation to handle damages.

Truck accidents can have bizarre scenarios and serious injuries

Each vehicular accident occurring in Tennessee and elsewhere must be first analyzed for the presence of negligence, then whether there is causation, and finally whether the imposition of liability for damages will flow from there. Truck accidents are among the deadliest on the state's highways. A recent accident involving a dump truck sent four people to the hospital with injuries after an evening crash on Interstate 81 in Blountville.

Victims involved in Tennessee truck accidents can take action

Collisions involving 18-wheelers often come with devastating consequences, including serious injuries and deaths, whether they occur here in Tennessee or elsewhere. Families of the deceased victims and seriously injured survivors have the right to take legal action after truck accidents. Filing civil claims for wrongful death or personal injury, as applicable, can potentially provide restitution for damages resulting from such tragedies.

Distracted driving cause of car accidents in Tennessee

Any number of factors may lead to automobile crashes, leaving those involved facing damages, injuries or even death. Officials in Tennessee are working to prevent a greater number of car accidents resulting from distracted driving. Victims of these motor vehicle collisions may have the right to file personal injury claims through the civil justice system.

Tennessee truck accidents leave families grieving

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is asking for information from any witnesses of an early morning crash as they continue their investigation. This one of Tennessee's fatal truck accidents occurred around five in the morning near the ramp of an interstate. The collision has been labeled a hit-and-run as officials search for the party allegedly responsible.

Families can take action after fatal Tennessee truck accidents

One short stretch along a Tennessee interstate has been the site of five fatal motor vehicle collisions caused by wrong-way drivers since March of 2013. Many of these accidents involved tractor trailer trucks. The most recent of these truck accidents has left families grieving for the loss of their loved ones. The family members of the victim killed in this crash may have the right to take action on his behalf.

Recent Tennessee truck accidents: semi driver causes 8-vehicle ac

A recent truck accident occurred that involved a FedEx semi truck and eight vehicles. The accident, which occurred on a recent Thursday morning in May, happened in Nashville. When Tennessee residents are involved in similar truck accidents that result in their suffering serious injuries, the victims may have legal recourse.

Truck accidents more common as more drivers fall asleep

When criminally negligent truck drivers push themselves too hard and fall asleep at the wheel, catastrophic crashes can occur. This is part of a larger trend of a decline in safety after decades of progress. More and more truck accidents are occurring in Tennessee and throughout the United States, and many blame the U.S. Congress for loosening safety rules -- even as more truck drivers are pushing themselves to their limits.

Recent Tennessee truck accidents: 1 killed

One individual died after being involved in an accident between a truck and a tractor-trailer that occurred recently. The fatal accident occurred in Fayette County on a recent Thursday afternoon in March. When Tennessee residents are killed in truck accidents caused by the negligence of a truck driver, the victim's loved ones are typically entitled to file a wrongful death suit against the responsible party or parties.

Woman suffers fatal truck accident injury, family awaits report

Around one year ago, a Johnson City woman was killed in an accident involving a city garbage truck. Now, one year later, her family is still waiting for the Tennessee Highway Patrol's report to be released. When a Tennessee resident dies because of a truck accident injury that was caused by the negligence of the truck driver, the decedent's remaining family members are typically entitled to file a wrongful death suit against the responsible party or parties.

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