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Retailers pull baby powder from shelves over injury concerns

Baby powder can be found in babies' rooms all across the state of Tennessee. Many parents consider this product a necessary staple for preventing and treating things like diaper rashes. While some find that baby powder seems to work well, it could also be hiding a very dangerous problem that can lead to future injury and illness.

Was a defective product hiding in your grocery cart?

Going grocery shopping does not exactly top the list of most desirable chores, but it is a necessary part of life. This sometimes stressful experience might be even more difficult considering that it is possible to purchase tainted or dangerous food products. Even though people in Tennessee generally associate the term "defective product" with non-food items, it can also apply to items purchased at grocery stores.

Slip-and-fall accidents also happen outside

Falls are commonly-used comedic tropes meant to get laughs out of TV and movie audiences. In real life, there is nothing funny about a slip-and-fall injury. Victims suffering from severe injuries often struggle to get other people to take their injuries seriously. This can make the recovery process that much more difficult. Holding a negligent party responsible for a serious fall can be helpful, though.

Mother blames defective product for son's death

Preparing for the arrival of a new baby is exciting. From decorating the nursery to purchasing helpful baby gear, Tennessee parents usually do their very best to make the safest possible choices. Discovering a defective product hiding in a child's room can be terrifying and even deadly.

Tennessee Ferris wheel accident spurs lawsuits and blame

The food, games and rides are part of what makes going to the fair such a beloved pastime for many Tennessee families. Unfortunately, what was apparently a nice day out at the fair turned into something much more terrifying when several riders were injured on a Ferris wheel attraction. Multiple lawsuits have been filed since the accident.

Injury numbers rise rapidly from amusement park thrill rides

Deaths and serious injuries from unsafe amusement park rides in recent weeks are a reminder of the long history of tragedy associated with such attractions. Just a year ago, three girls suffered serious injury when they fell from a Ferris wheel at the fair in Greenville, Tennessee. At about the same time, a 10-year-old boy was killed on a water slide in another state.

Tennessee chain reaction car accident leaves 2 injured

Following too closely is the cause of a great deal of motor vehicle collisions. A recent chain reaction car accident in Tennessee appears to have been a result of this. Those involved in crashes like this one may have the right to file civil claims for the injuries that they suffer. Personal injury lawyers can provide assistance as victims work through this process.

Tennessee victims have rights after injury or illness from lead

Most people do everything they can to make their home safe and secure for their loved ones who will be living in it. However, sometimes dangers can be present without one knowing. Lead, which is an extremely toxic metal, has been used to make products that one would typically find in and around a house. More recently, the toxicity of lead has been realized and is used less and less for these products. Tennessee families that may have experienced personal injury or illness because of lead-based products may have the right to take action.

Navigating the aftermath of a child injury

Most Tennessee parents are diligent in their efforts to keep their children safe at all times. Some mishaps simply can't be avoided, such as if a little one stumbles and falls while running in the yard or bumps into a tree or other object while playing. However, when a child injury occurs because of a defective product or another person's negligence, parents may feel frustrated and upset and wonder what can be done to rectify the situation.

Defective products causing injury may lead to claims in Tennessee

Consumers typically buy products assuming that they are safe and effective to use. However, in some cases, defective products may lead to injury or death, leaving manufacturers to issue a recall. People in Tennessee who have bought and used a defective product that caused injury or death have the right to file civil claims.

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