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Rock music linked to speeding, reckless behavior

Could some of the most popular driving songs also be some of the most dangerous? According to research, listening to certain types of songs -- and even whole genres -- encourages drivers to engage in risky behavior. This includes frequently switching lanes and speeding, both of which are behaviors that can be found in some Tennessee drivers.

Car accident blamed on negligent driver, elderly man killed

Even the most careful and defensive driver cannot fully protect him or herself from the actions of a negligent driver. Wrecks caused by negligent or distracted drivers often have devastating consequences, including serious injuries and even death. A Tennessee man was recently the victim of a tragic car accident that police believe was caused by negligence behind the wheel.

Serious car wrecks are on the rise in Tennessee

Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye on today's crowded Tennessee roadways. Getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle is something that comes with great responsibility and should always be taken seriously. Unfortunately, not all drivers in Tennessee are cautious behind the wheel. Constant distractions combined with an ever-increasing number of vehicles sharing the road make car wrecks almost inevitable. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, and with more and more vehicles taking to the road, reports of serious car wrecks seem to be increasing.

Car accident on I-65 South leaves 34-year-old pedestrian dead

Wrongful death damages are available in Tennessee in some circumstances where a passing vehicle hits and kills a pedestrian. As always in personal injury law, the deciding factor will be if the operator was negligent in striking the pedestrian and causing the injury or death. A recent car accident in which a passing vehicle killed a pedestrian raises the issue of whether the driver was guilty of distracted driving or other negligence, or whether he was faultless in the event.

Drunk driving, speeding suspected in fatal single-vehicle crash

There are single-vehicle accidents in Tennessee that may be the subject of one or more claims for personal injury damages. These claims are created when a driver negligently or recklessly loses control of the vehicle and crashes into a stationary object such as a wall or guard rail. Where the vehicle rolls over after impact, the prospects of passengers suffering serious personal injury are increased. The driver's negligent operation of the vehicle may be due to drunk driving, texting, drugs, speeding, fatigue or general distracted driving.

Bicyclist can take action after Tennessee car accident

Pedestrians, motorcyclists and bicyclists tend to be at a greater risk of injury when involved in motor vehicle collisions. Victims of these crashes in Tennessee may be able to file civil claims. One such recent car accident involved a single vehicle and a bicyclist, leaving one man needing medical attention.

Single vehicle car accident? Tennessee victims can file claims

Single vehicle collisions can leave behind as much damage as crashes involving several vehicles. While the victims may think there is nothing they can do in the midst of their injuries and pain and suffering, that is not the case. Tennessee lawyers in the field of car accidents and personal injury can provide guidance to those involved in a single-vehicle car accident. With an attorney's assistance, the victim may choose to file claims against the party allegedly responsible.

Head-on car accident leaves Tennessee victim seriously injured

When driving, it seems impossible to know what is around the next hill or bend in the road. At any moment, anything could happen, making it all the more crucial that drivers are not distracted while behind the wheel. Those involved in a car accident in Tennessee have the right to file claims in the wake of their personal injury or the wrongful death of a loved one. Lawyers in this field can provide guidance to victims working through this process.

Tennessee hit-and-run car accident leaves 1 dead

Hit-and-run accidents can happen anywhere, leaving victims wondering what happened and what they are going to do. In many cases, authorities are able to find the party believed responsible for the car accident. When that happens and with the assistance of personal injury and wrongful death lawyers, Tennessee victims can file civil claims against the party deemed responsible.

Drunk driving cause of Tennessee accident leaving 3 injured

The holiday seasons typically bring family and friends together to celebrate. Unfortunately, they are also a time when there is an increase in accidents involving drinking and driving. Tennessee victims of collisions caused by driver impairment can file civil claims for their personal injury. One recent car accident resulted in the injury of three people and was reportedly caused by drunk driving. 

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