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Disability disasters: Dealing with a denial

There is no secret about the fact that most people experience a denial the first time they apply for disability coverage. The Social Security Administration has many rules and regulations in place to prevent the misuse of the benefits system, but that does mean that many people who deserve benefits do not receive them in a timely manner.

The impact of football concussions

We do love our football here in Tennessee. There are plays that children remember as adults, and adults carry with them the rest of their lives. Who can forget the Music City Miracle? It was the stuff of legend. 16 seconds left, down by a single point. A last-ditch kickoff return, Lorenzo Neal hands the ball to Frank Wycheck, who threw a lateral pass across the field to Kevin Dyson. Dyson sprinted down the sideline for the improbable touchdown to win the game.

The tragic story of the Mansfield Bar

Have you ever noticed the horizontal bar underneath the rear of semi-trucks on I-75? The steel bar hanging underneath a semi-truck trailer is designed to stop a vehicle from wedging underneath in a crash. There’s a story about this underride bar and why it’s often referred to as the Mansfield Bar.

What is Social Security Disability?

Social Security was started in 1935, shortly after the Great Depression. Aging Americans were one of the hardest hit groups during the Depression. America needed a plan to provide for an aging workforce.

Is it wrong to pursue a personal injury claim?

As surely as God loves Tennessee football, people will talk about personal injury attorneys. You may hear things like, “Ambulance chasers” or “I bet the lawyers were waiting at the emergency room for the ambulance to unload.” Maybe even, “The hardest thing that lawyer did was getting the fella in the full body cast to sign the contract.” You get the idea.

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