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Retailers pull baby powder from shelves over injury concerns

Baby powder can be found in babies' rooms all across the state of Tennessee. Many parents consider this product a necessary staple for preventing and treating things like diaper rashes. While some find that baby powder seems to work well, it could also be hiding a very dangerous problem that can lead to future injury and illness.

Johnson & Johnson recently issued a recall for 33,000 bottles of one of its most well-known products -- baby powder. The recall came after after testing showed that products manufactured and shipped in 2018 contained asbestos. Asbestos is known to cause mesothelioma, a devastating disease that causes victims to develop tumors in the tissues lining the stomach, heart, lungs and other areas of the body.

Asbestos is a serious carcinogen, so many retailers are not taking a chance on Johnson & Johnson baby powder products that were not affected by the recall. Rite Aid, Walmart and CVS have removed the 22-ounce bottles of baby powder from their shelves, citing concern over additional contamination in other lots of the product. Johnson & Johnson says that all other lots of baby powder are safe, but the company does not have the best track record when it comes to asbestos. The company was aware that its baby powder products were contaminated with asbestos as early as 1971, and it is now facing many lawsuits from people who blame their cancer on this product.

Tennessee parents are generally just trying to do the best they can for their children. It can be disheartening for a parent to learn that a product he or she thought was safe may actually cause very serious injury or illness. This is why choosing to take legal action against a company is so important for some parents. When successfully pursued to completion, this process can bring light to the issue at hand while also helping victims recover necessary compensation.

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