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Five common reasons why truck accidents occur

Drivers in Tennessee probably know that the majority of large truck accidents occur because of driver error. What they may not know is that there are at least four other major causes of truck accidents across the U.S. As for those crashes that involve driver error, studies show that some 81% are the fault of passenger vehicle drivers rather than truckers. Drowsy, drunk and distracted driving are a few examples of driver error.

Inclement weather accounts for a lot of 18-wheeler accidents. Truckers who have not been adequately trained on braking over icy or snowy ground may crash after skidding, hydroplaning or jackknifing. They may also be held responsible for a crash if they neglect to maintain the vehicle: the third common cause. Before every shift, truckers are required to inspect their rig and write out a vehicle maintenance report.

Fourth, truckers may get in an accident because of equipment failure. While equipment may fail through lack of maintenance, it may also fail because it was defective to begin with. In such cases, the equipment manufacturer can be held liable.

Lastly, cargo must be loaded and secured according to certain rules that are specific to the trucking industry. Overloaded trucks may tip over, and improperly secured cargo may spill out of the truck.

Whatever the nature of the crash, victims who believe that the trucker or trucking company was responsible can pursue a personal injury case. If plaintiffs were partially to blame, then whatever damages they recover will be reduced in proportion to that degree of fault. Not only that, but negotiating a settlement on one's own can be difficult. These are some reasons why victims may want a truck accident attorney to assist them. Third-party investigators may gather evidence, such as maintenance records or in-cab camera footage.

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