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Driving tips for an accident-free winter

Winter roads are typically icy and snowy, and this can pose a problem for many drivers in Tennessee. Tires lose their traction on such roads, and cars are more apt to go out of control, but most accidents in winter are due to driver negligence. It will benefit drivers, then, to consider the following safety tips.

Slowing down is the first essential step because traction is lost the faster one goes. The second step is to avoid tailgating, rather leaving a space of at least five to six seconds between one's self and the vehicle in front. This is, in fact, a good distance to maintain in every season.

Drivers should brake earlier than usual when approaching a stop sign or light, and when approaching the latter, they should try not to brake to a complete stop if possible. The reason is that accelerating from a complete stop can cause the wheels to spin on the slick wintry pavement. Some vehicles come with ABS and with features like electronic brakeforce distribution, but drivers should know what is the right way to brake with these.

Inclines can be a challenge in winter weather, but drivers only need to gain forward motion on the flat area to get up most hills. They should neither brake nor accelerate on hills.

When car accidents result in an injury, they can lead to claims under personal injury law. There is, of course, the question of who was at fault. Tennessee recognizes the concept of comparative negligence, which means that victims who are partially at fault can still file a claim. Whatever they are eligible for in damages, though, will be lowered based on that degree of fault. With a lawyer, victims may be able to build up a strong case.

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