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Chances for a successful Social Security Disability appeal

When a Tennessee resident is suffering from a medical condition, injury or illness that leaves them unable to work, Social Security Disability Insurance can be critical. It is problematic in myriad ways if the claim is denied. However, there are options to appeal the decision.

When appealing a denied claim, it is wise to know the odds of having the denial overturned and for the claim to be approved. The first two levels of appeal after a denied claim for Social Security disability benefits are reconsideration and a disability hearing. With reconsideration, the same criteria are used as for the initial application. This makes it difficult to have the decision changed during reconsideration unless new, compelling evidence is presented.

The amount of time between the initial decision and reconsideration is relatively short, making it more difficult. There will be a different examiner, but approximately 81% of reconsideration appeals end with a denial. The next level of appeal is a disability hearing. There are significantly better odds of having the decision overturned in a hearing -- more than 61% get approved. In many cases, a hearing allows for more intensive research into the claim, which can result in more evidence and a better argument to approve benefits.

Many cases are initially denied and there are one and frequently two levels of appeal prior to an approval. A mistake many people make is to simply accept the denial and not try to appeal. From the initial application process through any necessary appeals, having legal assistance might be a key to an approval. Calling for a consultation with a law firm experienced in Social Security disability benefits might be beneficial.

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