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Slip-and-fall accidents also happen outside

Falls are commonly-used comedic tropes meant to get laughs out of TV and movie audiences. In real life, there is nothing funny about a slip-and-fall injury. Victims suffering from severe injuries often struggle to get other people to take their injuries seriously. This can make the recovery process that much more difficult. Holding a negligent party responsible for a serious fall can be helpful, though.

Although slip-and-fall accidents are usually associated with indoors, they can happen outside too. For example, a person might trip on a curb or fall down a set of stairs. While these accidents are not inherently the responsibility of a property owner, they can be in certain situations. Property owners in Tennessee should provide adequate outdoor lighting to protect visitors, patrons or customers. If an owner knew that inadequate lighting was a problem -- or at least should have been aware of it -- then he or she can probably be held responsible.

Even an area that is well lit can be dangerous. Parking lots are often overlook when talking about areas where falls can occur, possibly because many people think of these areas as primarily existing for vehicles. However, things like potholes, cracks and sudden differences in ground height are dangerous to people even if they pose little threat to cars. Falls in parking lots should be treated just as seriously as falls that take place inside of stores or in poorly lit areas.

People who are involved in slip-and-fall accidents should be sure to seek medical treatment right away. Symptoms of things like brain injuries might not show up immediately, but being examined by a medical professional can lead to more timely treatment. Getting a prompt medical evaluation may also help a victim demonstrate how he or she has suffered because of a Tennessee property owner's negligence. This can be very helpful for those who choose to seek compensation for their injuries.

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