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Protecting yourself from drivers who don't carry proper insurance

Tennessee is a state known for its Christian, conservative values. Usually, those values include personal responsibility and a strong work ethic. Unfortunately, not everyone adheres to the same standards. There are people who, due either to temperament or perceived necessity, violate certain laws that are also important social rules.

The state of Tennessee requires that all individuals who drive vehicles on public roads carry both a license to drive and a liability insurance policy on the vehicle. Still, many people find the expensive monthly payments for insurance prohibitive.

Those who make minimum wage, as well as those with bad driving records whose insurance may cost more, sometimes decide that they simply can't afford to pay their monthly insurance premium. The result is that quite a few individuals on the road in Tennessee don't have an insurance policy to protect you if they cause a crash that injures you or damages your property.

Roughly 1 in 5 Tennessee drivers won't have insurance

The rate of uninsured drivers varies from state to state. However, Tennessee is currently one of the worst states for uninsured drivers, ranked at 5th in the nation for most uninsured drivers. Roughly 20% of the drivers in Tennessee do not have an active liability insurance policy on their vehicles.

When a crash occurs, the liability insurance policy of the driver responsible is the policy that pays for repairs, property damage and to cover the cost of medical treatment that injured people require. If that driver doesn't have a policy, your insurance company may not protect you.

In other words, if someone causes a crash with your vehicle, you have a roughly 20% chance that there won't be any insurance coverage to protect you from the financial consequences of such a collision.

You need a special clause in your policy for uninsured drivers

Given how expensive insurance can be, many people look for any way possible to reduce the cost of their policy. Declining coverage for uninsured drivers or underinsured drivers is a common tactic to keep the bill low. Others leave themselves vulnerable for not carrying enough insurance to protect themselves if they cause a crash.

People may also choose to purchase the lowest amount of insurance they can legally carry in Tennessee, which is only $15,000 in property damage and $25,000 in bodily injury coverage. Drivers with low coverage limits and no coverage at all can put you at unnecessary risk.

Reviewing your policy and making sure that you have a clause or rider that extends protection to you in the event of a collision with a driver who doesn't have an insurance policy or who doesn't carry enough is an important protection for any modern resident of Tennessee.

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