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Five ways that Tennessee drivers can help prevent crashes

There are any number of ways that drivers can help prevent crashes. Road safety is becoming more crucial as the number of car crash fatalities continues to hover around 40,000. One should not forget the millions who are injured, too. In 2018, for example, 4.5 million people in the U.S. were injured in auto accidents, which is about one person every seven seconds.

First, drivers must ensure that they always have one hand on their steering wheel. Though this may sound like common sense, it must be mentioned because many drivers use their phones and other devices with both hands. The second tip is to avoid hands-on phone use altogether as it is a visual distraction. Even taking one's eyes off the road for a few seconds is dangerous. Drivers may use hands-free phones as long as their eyes don't leave the road.

Third, drivers should remain courteous and patient. Impatience can lead to running red lights and to fender-benders in traffic jams. Lack of courtesy can incite road rage.

Before leaving their homes, drivers should ensure two things. First, their vehicle, especially the engine and brakes, must be well-maintained. Second, they must prepare accordingly before drinking alcohol, such as by designating a sober driver for a ride back home.

Drunk and distracted driving are two of the most frequently reported causes of auto accidents. Those injured at the hands of such a driver may be able to pursue a personal injury case as long as they themselves did not contribute 50% or more to the accident. In the effort to achieve a fair settlement, victims may want to hire a lawyer. A lawyer might, in turn, hire investigators and medical experts to help strengthen the case.

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