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Age and education may be considered in SSD cases

Age and level of education can each play roles in the evaluation of Social Security Disability claims in Tennessee. Age may come into play when the person is 50 years old or older, and there is another important age point at 55. Level of education may be important to both the SSI disability and Social Security Disability programs. Generally speaking, the effect of education on the evaluation process is less than might be expected. There are many cases in which the person's level of education plays no role at all.

When cases are approved because the applicant has met the requirements in the Social Security disability list of impairments, also known as the blue book, that means the applicant has provided sufficient medical records to prove up their claim. This is true for meeting any specific listing, including bipolar disorder, lupus or degenerative disc disease. However, most of the cases that eventually receive approval do not involve a listing that has been met.

Most disability claims, rather, are approved after an examination of the claimant's work history and medical records to determine the person's limitations. These limitations are noted and rated on a mental residual functional capacity form or a residual functional capacity form, depending on the case. When a claimant is approved for a medical vocational allowance, both level of education and age may come into play. The claimant's level of functional capacity and level of skills will also be evaluated.

In cases where a person is pursuing compensation for Social Security disability in Tennessee, a lawyer may be able to help. A lawyer who handles Social Security claims may help by examining the facts of the case and putting together documentation for submission to a Social Security adjudicator. A lawyer might also file an appeal on a rejected claim or communicate with officials on the client's behalf.

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