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October 2019 Archives

Slip-and-fall accidents also happen outside

Falls are commonly-used comedic tropes meant to get laughs out of TV and movie audiences. In real life, there is nothing funny about a slip-and-fall injury. Victims suffering from severe injuries often struggle to get other people to take their injuries seriously. This can make the recovery process that much more difficult. Holding a negligent party responsible for a serious fall can be helpful, though.

Common construction injuries and the accidents that cause them

Working in the construction industry is a very rewarding career choice. Many construction workers in Tennessee truly enjoy their jobs, even though they may be at risk for serious injuries. Unfortunately, even with the best safety equipment and training, accidents on-site are a real possibility. Since construction injuries are usually traumatic or severe, it is a good idea to be aware of potential on-the-job hazards.

Tennessee car festival officials hurt at work

Not everyone is suited for working in positions that tend to move at a slower pace. Instead, working in exciting, fast-paced environments is the ideal situation for many people in Tennessee. While any worker in any industry can experience a job site injury, a person who is employed in one of these types of environments might be at a higher risk for getting hurt at work.

Mother blames defective product for son's death

Preparing for the arrival of a new baby is exciting. From decorating the nursery to purchasing helpful baby gear, Tennessee parents usually do their very best to make the safest possible choices. Discovering a defective product hiding in a child's room can be terrifying and even deadly.

What should I do first to get workers' compensation benefits?

Getting hurt on the job is a complicated situation. Injuries often lead to medical bills, and paying those bills can be impossible when injury victims are out of work. Some people may even contemplate returning to work before they are fully recovered. There is another option. In Tennessee, injured workers can use workers' compensation benefits to help address the financial aspect of being hurt.

Wrongful death: Alleged drunk driver charged in fatal wreck

Tennessee police believe that the driver who caused a recent fatal accident was intoxicated at the time of the wreck. He is facing a number of criminal charges, including vehicular homicide and DUI. However, for the families of those who have died in drunk driving accidents, criminal charges may not feel like sufficient justice for their loved ones. Some find that also pursuing wrongful death lawsuits can be helpful for processing grief.

Tennessee still has too many distracted driving accidents

Most drivers know just how dangerous it is to text while driving, but many people continue to use smartphones while behind the wheel anyway. A new state law aimed at reducing distracted driving rates went into effect on July 1, 2019. Despite this action, it does not appear as if there has been any significant reduction in distracted driving accidents.

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