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Seeking Social Security Disability is your right as an American

People who live in the Cleveland, Tennessee, area tend to have a sense of communal pride because this region is populated by people who work hard for their money and try to support themselves no matter what. That deeply ingrained work ethic is a beautiful thing that has led to the Cleveland area becoming a rapidly growing community with a lot of promise for the future.

However, while the stoic, hard-working independent ideal is a blessing for our community, it could be a dangerous myth for individuals on a personal level. People may internalize the idea of not asking for help or support, even if they really need assistance.

The idea that everyone should be able to pull themselves up by their bootstraps no matter what happens to them can leave some people who have worked their entire lives feeling like they don't deserve the benefits that come from a serious medical condition.

You have paid into Social Security your entire working life

One of the main reasons people will give for not wanting to apply for Social Security Disability benefits is that they don't want to take advantage of a state entitlement program. They don't want to feel like freeloaders living off of the hard work of others.

However, there is a major difference between Social Security Disability and programs like welfare. Every day that you have worked, you have paid taxes into the Social Security program. In fact, the government tracks how much you pay in Social Security taxes to determine the amount you would receive in the event that you successfully apply for benefits.

You aren't taking money away from other people when you apply. You are receiving back benefits that you paid for by working hard.

Benefits can protect you and the people that depend on you

As a spouse or a parent, you know that the people in your life depend on you to help support them. When an injury or illness leaves you unable to continue earning a living wage, the people who depend on you will also have to worry about their financial security in the future.

Applying for Social Security Disability benefits helps ensure that you can take care of yourself when you can no longer work. It also helps prevent your medical condition from becoming a burden on the people that love you.

Many people are so worried about being a drain on the system that they don't even apply. Others will apply and then take a rejection to heart instead of following through with their legal right to file an appeal. Don't let your work ethic and morals prevent you from claiming the benefits you deserve as an adult dealing with a serious medical condition.

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