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Understand the truth about the Ticket to Work program

When you're disabled, one thing you may realize is that your abilities change over time. You might learn a new way to do something or develop skills you didn't have in the past.

As time goes on, you may miss working and even find a job that suits you despite your disability. Sadly, you've heard that if you start to work, you'll lose your disability benefits. It was difficult to obtain them to begin with, so that's not a risk you want to take.

Myths about Social Security Disability hold you back

Myths about what you can or can't do may be holding you back, so here are some common myths and the truth.

1. If you work, you'll lose your Medicaid or Medicare

The interesting thing is that the above is false in most cases. Working doesn't automatically cause you to lose your medical benefits. As long as you're receiving any kind of benefit check, you'll retain your health insurance. Additionally, even if you earn so much that your Social Security Disability Insurance benefits stop, you'll still keep Medicare for up to 93 months. Medicaid can continue long after that, even if you lose Supplemental Security Income, too. Your attorney can help you check the current earnings thresholds, so that you can keep your eligibility.

2. If you stop working, you have to reapply for Social Security Disability

This is also false. You can apply for the expedited reinstatement of your benefits if they ended within the last five years. You'll need to show that you have the original medical condition or one that is closely related. The Social Security Administration will perform a review to decide if you can have your benefits restated when requested.

3. Benefits will stop immediately if you use the Ticket to Work program

This is a myth. The program is designed to help you start back at work without losing all your benefits. It gives you time to try to work and see if you can successfully reenter the workforce. If not, you will be able to keep your benefits in full. If you can, then you will potentially see decreased benefits over time as you increase your workload.

Every case is different, so it's smart to talk to your attorney while you consider the Ticket to Work program. It can be a good way to help you earn more and find out if going back to work is a good choice for your situation.

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