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Protecting your children's needs after a car accident injury

A car accident is a frightening and intense experience, even if you are the only person involved. However, if a crash happens while your children are in the car, it may be that much more emotionally significant. Parents tend to be fiercely protective of their children and their futures. After all, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for persons between the ages of 5-24.

A car crash could instantly change the course of your or your child's life. Any injuries that your child suffers could have lasting repercussions as they continue to grow and develop.

The trauma of the car crash could also affect your child's mental health and personality. From a fear of vehicles to anxiety about social situations that pose very little risk, a car crash can cause a host of serious mental and emotional wounds. It's important to take steps to protect your children after a crash.

In most cases, a medical evaluation is necessary

Children are very resilient in many ways. However, they can still suffer long-term injuries that can cause problems for years to come. Some injuries, like head and brain injuries, may not be immediately obvious after an accident.

If your child loses consciousness, strikes their head or experiences rough shaking in a car crash, it is better to err on the side of caution and have your child examined by a medical professional as soon as possible. 

However, if there are signs of a brain injury, early intervention could make all the difference for the long-term prognosis of your child.

Stay calm and encourage your child to reflect on the experience

In the immediate aftermath of the collision, the best thing that you can do for your child is stay calm to help them avoid panicking. Parents are the primary source of stability. If they see you distressed, they will likely work themselves up into a distressed state as well. If you manage to stay calm, they will likely listen to you better and remain calm themselves.

After the immediate stress of the accident has passed, you should revisit the issue with your children. Provide them with an opportunity to discuss both the physical experience of the crash and the emotional and mental consequences they have endured since the collision. By providing them with a safe space to talk about their feelings, you can help the children process their emotions.

For some kids, ongoing medical care is necessary for physical injuries. For others, counseling and therapy may be a critical part of their emotional recovery after a car crash.

Parents shouldn't have to absorb those expenses if someone else is responsible for the injuries and accident. If your child suffered injuries after a car crash in Tennessee, talking to a personal injury attorney can help you make better decisions about connecting with compensation for your child's care.

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