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Spring showers can create dangerous roadways

Spring is just around the corner and it can be a dangerous time for drivers, particularly because of the risk of wet, slick roads. This is extremely dangerous when a vehicle's tires are not up to standard. Driving in conditions that you are not familiar with can also cause trouble.

Strong winds and rains can cause devastating traffic accidents. Fortunately, there are some ways you can prepare for the worst, so that you can get where you're going safely.

Prepare for the weather

The first tip is that you should prepare for the weather you're going to encounter. Before you head out in a rain storm or when conditions are windy, look up the weather. Note if there are any warnings in effect, and do what you can to avoid busy areas if traffic is delayed. Knowing the conditions before you go out can help you avoid serious repercussions later.

Get your car ready for rain

The next thing is to make sure your tires are safe for the conditions. Your tires must have enough tread. If they do not, then there is a significant risk that you could slide or skid due to a lack of friction. Tires have tread to help pull water away from them and give them better grip. If there is no channel left on the tire, then water has nowhere to go other than directly under your tire where it meets the ground.

Prepare for windy bursts

The next thing to prepare for is wind. Wind can push your vehicle aside when it's strong enough, and even when it's weaker, it could affect your ability to keep your car in lane. Anticipate wind gusts and be aware of larger vehicles, like semi trucks, that might have trouble with their trailers. These vehicles may have a hard time staying in their lane due to wind, so you'll want to pass with caution.

Know when to stop

Finally, know what to do if you're struggling to drive. If your vehicle isn't staying in lane easily and you're having trouble with skidding or sliding, it may be a better idea to pull over and put on your hazard lights. The conditions might not be avoidable, but you have the option of stopping and waiting out the worst of the storm.

Driving safely will help you get from A to B safely. Be cautious, so you can avoid crashes.

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