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Motorcycle crashes: Avoiding and handling them

You love riding a motorcycle. It's freeing, and you love the feeling of being one with your outside environment. You get a better perspective of the road, and you are in tight control of how your vehicle moves.

The same is not true of traditional passenger vehicles. In fact, because people are typically enclosed inside cars, they're not as in tune with their surroundings. They don't hear as well, see as well or feel the conditions as well as someone on a motorcycle.

This can result in crashes, since a driver may not be as focused as a motorcyclist. Drivers might look away from the road for only a few seconds, but that's long enough to cause serious injuries.

How can you avoid motorcycle crashes?

One of the best ways to avoid crashes is by being extremely vigilant and cautious. As you approach an intersection, for example, slow down and look both ways to make sure drivers see you and have stopped. Give yourself more time to brake and honk or wave to get the attention of drivers you see nearby. Making yourself obvious is the best way to prevent a crash.

The sad reality is that many people will end up in a motorcycle crash at one point or another. The crash could be caused by a driver who isn't paying attention, poor road conditions or other factors. When a crash occurs, it's important for everyone to stay at the scene.

As a rider, you should know that your likelihood of injury is higher than those in a passenger vehicle. You're more openly exposed, and your vehicle does little, if anything, to protect you. If you are hurt following a crash, stay where you are and wait for the help of the emergency team.

If you are injured but can talk to others involved in the collision, ask them to call for help immediately or to take you to the hospital. You should both call 911 and attempt to move your vehicles to the side of the road to prevent further collisions. Talk to witnesses while you wait for help, but don't admit fault to anyone.

There is a high probability that you will suffer injuries in a car crash, so go to the hospital for a medical exam. You can then use that information to start a claim against the driver's insurance and to cover your losses that resulted from the crash.

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