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If you were in a car crash, don't make these mistakes

It is easy to make a mistake in the chaos following a car accident. The accident victim may think that they are healthy enough to avoid going to the hospital or tell the other party that they feel okay, even though they haven't had a medical exam.

There are some things you shouldn't do when you're involved in a crash. If you make mistakes, the police may believe that you're admitting fault or cause others to question the severity of your injuries. Below are three things you should not do after a collision:

1. Wait to go to the hospital

After a crash, one of the biggest mistakes people make is waiting to go to the hospital. You should seek medical attention immediately after the accident. The police and ambulance are likely already at the scene, and you should take this opportunity to be transported for care. A proper medical exam may identify injuries you didn't know you had, helping you receive faster treatment than if you'd waited to go to the doctor when you started to feel your injuries. Many people have delayed-onset injuries, so keep that in mind and go to the hospital after a crash.

2. Tell the other party that you are sorry

It is a common reaction for people to apologize after a crash, even when they are not at fault. Refrain from doing this. If you apologize, the other party may believe that you're admitting fault for the collision. It is the police and investigative team's job to determine fault, not yours. Your perception may be incorrect, so it's best to let the professionals decide on who is to blame.

3. Say you're fine after the crash

As mentioned above, some people have delayed-onset injuries, which means that they may not develop symptoms for 24-to-48 hours or longer after a crash. If you say that you feel fine or aren't injured, you could make it harder to obtain a fair settlement through the at-fault party's insurance. Don't tell the other party how you feel or say you're fine to rescue workers. Go to the hospital and allow your medical report to speak for itself.

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