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Don't make these mistakes after your traffic accident

You were almost back to your neighborhood after a long day at work when a driver flew around a blind corner and struck your vehicle. You were shocked when you saw the other driver headed in your direction, but with no chance to get out of the way, there was nothing you could do to prevent the crash.

Now, you are sitting on the side of the road waiting for an ambulance and the police to arrive. What should you do?

Know what steps to take

People can make many mistakes after crashes, and those mistakes could end up costing them a claim and the compensation they need. Any time you are in an accident, it is in your best interest to know what you should do  to protect yourself.

1. Don't say you're sorry

Never apologize after a crash. It can be a natural instinct, but apologizing can be taken as an admittance of fault for the accident. Of course, you may ask the other people involved if they are okay. Be careful to not say anything that could imply partial fault, so that they cannot claim that you admitted responsibility for the collision.

2. Don't claim that you're fine

Even if you feel fine, you should seek immediate medical attention. Instead of saying that you are healthy, let a medical professional decide. You do not want the other driver or the authorities thinking that you are fine after a crash if it later becomes apparent that you are not. Many serious injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, may take days until their symptoms are present. 

3. Don't wait to call your attorney

Inform your attorney as soon as possible after a motor vehicle accident. Their job is not only to help you get the best possible settlement for your injuries, but also to make sure that important evidence is preserved. You do not want evidence, like a truck's black box, to be removed from the scene and lost before your attorney got to it.

These are three common mistakes people make after an accident. With the right approach after a collision, you can protect yourself and your interests moving forward.

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