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5 head injuries victims may face after crashes

After a serious car crash, you may be dealing with a lot. You could have broken bones or lacerations, bruising or spinal pain. One thing that's common in crashes is the development of head trauma.

Head trauma is particularly dangerous because it has the potential to affect the brain. Depending on the severity of the injury, the damage to the brain can cause disability or death.

Head trauma varies, and you may deal with a number of different types such as concussions or a hematoma. Here are a few kinds of head injuries to know about.

1. Hemorrhage

A hemorrhage is a difficult injury because it's life-threatening and immediately dangerous to an individual. A hemorrhage is uncontrolled bleeding, which means that the blood is not clotting as it's supposed to. With a hemorrhage, it's normal to require emergency surgery. Too much blood leads to a build up of pressure in the skull, which can damage the brain.

2. Hematoma

A hematoma in a head injury refers to a blood clot outside the blood vessels. This can happen in the brain, which leads to additional pressure in the skull. That can result in permanent brain damage and a loss of consciousness.

3. Skull fracture

Skull fractures are dangerous because the skull doesn't absorb impact well when fractured. The bone is hard and doesn't contain marrow, so it's designed to be very difficult to break. Once broken, there's a high likelihood that the brain has an injury as well.

4. Concussion

Concussions are relatively common following car and truck crashes. These happen when the impact to the skull is hard enough to make the brain hit the skull inside. Sometimes the brain doesn't hit the skull but spins or moves so quickly that it becomes damaged. Concussions are generally temporary, but some could leave lasting symptoms for many months or years.

5. Edema

Finally, edema is when there is swelling of the brain or surrounding tissues. Brains can't stretch to make room for swelling, which means the brain may begin to press against the skull and could be damaged. In some severe cases, surgeons may need to perform an emergency surgery to reduce the pressure in the skull. In some, they completely remove the top of the skull or place a hole in the skull to allow excess fluids an escape.

These are a few different kinds of brain and head injuries you could suffer in a crash. Each one is different but has the potential to alter your life significantly.

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