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4 ways serious car crashes affect children

When you strap your child into a car seat, you believe that he or she will be safe under any circumstances. Unfortunately, the crash you were in was so severe that your child still suffered injuries. They weren't as bad as they could have been, but your child still has a long recovery ahead of them.

There are several ways that a car crash can affect your child. Your child may suffer serious injuries, require therapy and have changes to his routine. He may need to stay at the hospital or live with chronic pain now and in the future. Here are four ways a crash could impact your family and child in the days to come.

1. Injury and recovery

Injuries are the most obvious way that a crash will affect a child. Any injuries, whether they're serious or minor, could make your child fear traveling in a vehicle. Even if that doesn't happen, he or she will need to deal with pain and possibly disability or disfiguring injuries in the future.

Recovery from serious injuries isn't always easy. In some cases, children never get back full function. For example, those with spinal injuries may remain paralyzed or in chronic pain for the rest of their lives.

Most people with serious injuries go through a period of recovery and physical therapy. For significant injuries, surgery may be required prior to or even during a recovery period. Your child may need to go through physical therapy or counseling to help them cope with the injuries suffered in a crash.

2. Anxiety and depression

Anyone involved in a crash faces the risk of anxiety or depression. If your child loses functions due to an accident, depression or anxiety about not retaining their independence may appear. As a parent, you may feel anxious or depressed about what happened. Remember that counseling and therapy can help you and your loved ones deal with these feelings.

3. Financial impacts

The financial impact of a crash may affect you and your child. While your child likely isn't dealing with finances directly, you may feel the burden of growing expenses for medical treatment, rehabilitative therapy and repairs to your vehicle. Until the at-fault party's insurance settles with you, your child may notice that there isn't as much money to go around.

4. Nightmares and changes in personality

In addition to the risk of anxiety and depression, those who have gone through trauma run the risk of developing poor sleeping habits. Changes in personality may also occur. Insomnia due to nightmares could be caused by post-traumatic stress disorder, while changes in personality could be a coping mechanism for a child.

These are a few things to keep in mind about crashes. They impact every aspect of your life.

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