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Disability disasters: Dealing with a denial

There is no secret about the fact that most people experience a denial the first time they apply for disability coverage. The Social Security Administration has many rules and regulations in place to prevent the misuse of the benefits system, but that does mean that many people who deserve benefits do not receive them in a timely manner.

If the Social Security Administration (SSA) denies you benefits, you are not the only person to whom this has happened. A denial does not necessarily mean that you should not receive benefits, either. Sometimes, it is a matter of changing paperwork or providing more evidence of your condition and inability to work.

How do you deal with a disability insurance claim denial?

If the SSA denies your first claim, you have a right to an appeal. You will receive a detailed letter stating why they denied your claim and with information about how to appeal. Many people go on to appeal on their own and again receive a denial. That is why it is better to work with an attorney who is familiar with applying for, and receiving, disability benefits.

When you prepare an appeal, there are many things you need to address. If there are deadlines in the letter, you need to adhere to them. If you miss any deadlines, you may have to start the entire process over or may lose the right to appeal completely.

What are some things you may need for your appeal to be approved?

Common documents people need to include with an appeal include written opinions from your doctors about your state of health, missing or incomplete medical record forms, further test results confirming past diagnoses, non-medical evidence in the form of videos, letters from colleagues or photos and letters from friends, colleagues or other professionals who see and understand your condition.

When you file the appeal, you want to make sure to verify the receipt of all documents. Normally, the postal service has the ability to track and inform you of the documents' arrival. You want to know if your documents get lost in the mail, because if they do, you could miss important deadlines.

Finally, if the SSA denies you again, you may need to take your appeal further and engage a judge with the case. You can learn more about Social Security Disability from the Social Security Administration and take your concerns to your disability attorney. A good appeal could help you get the approval you are looking for.

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