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Tennessee victims have rights after injury or illness from lead

Most people do everything they can to make their home safe and secure for their loved ones who will be living in it. However, sometimes dangers can be present without one knowing. Lead, which is an extremely toxic metal, has been used to make products that one would typically find in and around a house. More recently, the toxicity of lead has been realized and is used less and less for these products. Tennessee families that may have experienced personal injury or illness because of lead-based products may have the right to take action.

Although companies have moved away from products such as lead-based paint, older homes and renovation sites remain potential sites of this harmful substance for children and adults. This can be especially dangerous for young children, as they tend to touch things and put their hands in their mouths more frequently. Consuming paint chips, some soils that contain lead and breathing in lead dust can all have serious consequences.

Since children's bodies absorb things more quickly, they are at a greater risk for lead poisoning. When their bodies have absorbed a large amount of lead, they may begin having symptoms such as headaches. The effects of lead poisoning can range from hearing problems to severe damage to the brain and nervous system.

While lead-based paint has been banned for use in housing for a few decades now, there remain buildings and other home products that may contain lead. Those in Tennessee who think they may have been exposed to lead resulting in their personal injury, illness or the death of a loved one could have the right to file civil claims, depending on the specific circumstances. If successfully litigated, these claims may result in financial relief for the medical expenses and other damages incurred from the incident.

Source: FindLaw, "Lead Poisoning", Accessed on July 19, 2017

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