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May 2017 Archives

Defective products causing injury may lead to claims in Tennessee

Consumers typically buy products assuming that they are safe and effective to use. However, in some cases, defective products may lead to injury or death, leaving manufacturers to issue a recall. People in Tennessee who have bought and used a defective product that caused injury or death have the right to file civil claims.

Injured workers have rights in Tennessee workplace accidents

Safety in the workplace is an integral part of any job that one may do. Unfortunately, workplace injuries do sometimes occur, leaving victims wondering what action they can take. For those Tennessee victims suffering from personal injury that occurred in the workplace, lawyers can provide guidance as they work to file claims for the injured workers. Filing civil claims following an injury at work can help hold the company responsible, while possibly providing some compensation to the victims.

Tennessee hit-and-run car accident leaves 1 dead

Hit-and-run accidents can happen anywhere, leaving victims wondering what happened and what they are going to do. In many cases, authorities are able to find the party believed responsible for the car accident. When that happens and with the assistance of personal injury and wrongful death lawyers, Tennessee victims can file civil claims against the party deemed responsible.

Tennessee teen dies in head-on car accident

Distracted driving seems to cause more and more car crashes every year. Whether one is texting, under the influence or simply not paying attention, a car accident can result before one realizes what is happening. Victims of distracted driving collisions who suffered personal injury or family members of those who have lost their lives have the right to file civil claims. Tennessee lawyers can provide guidance as victims take action.

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