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Options for those hurt at work in Tennessee

Being injured in a work-related incident can impact an employee for the rest of his or her life, depending on the seriousness of the injury. While the laws concerning workers' compensation vary by both state and occupation, there are some foundational ideas that are included in most workers' comp laws. Those hurt at work in Tennessee may have the right to file civil claims under certain circumstances.

Workers' compensation laws provide compensation for employees injured on the job, typically with a fixed award for a given situation. This allows those affected by injury to be compensated without having to get into suing the employer or co-workers. If a third party is somehow involved in or responsible for the injury, the worker can also seek compensation from them through civil claims.

The scope of workers' compensation is dependent on state and occupation, and may not be required for a business that does not meet a certain minimum number of employees. While filing for workers' compensation is often an alternative to filing a lawsuit against the company, the injured party may have the right to sue when a third party is involved. Pre-existing injuries, diseases, at-work injuries and several other injuries would possibly be covered by one's workers' compensation claim.

Accidents at work resulting in injury or diseases found later on that may be a result of dangerous work conditions are issues to be taken seriously. Those affected by work-related injury or illnesses in Tennessee have the right to take action. Filing workers' compensation claims after being hurt at work can lead to potential financial compensation for the medical expenses and time off of work that one may have experienced as a result.

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