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Texting and driving a concern for Tennessee drivers

Today's technology allows one to keep in touch and communicate with friends and family at almost any given point in time. It is possible to make plans, change plans or even say "hi" from just about anywhere. While this convenience has its benefits, the perils of texting and driving have become evident throughout Tennessee.

One Tennessee sheriff's department has recently addressed the issue of texting and driving among teenagers. With the advent of summer, many teens are talking with their school friends via text messaging. This form of communication allows them to send a message whenever it comes to mind. Unfortunately, items to be messaged often come to mind while the teen is driving.

Research shows that texting while driving can cause an accident to occur at a rate of 23 times that of driving while impaired by alcohol. Many believe that it only takes a brief moment to check an incoming text or to send just a quick message.  However, in that brief moment, seconds pass and a multitude of hazards can present themselves to the distracted driver. The car in front can suddenly stop, the distracted driver can veer off the road or a child can even run out into the road. It only takes a brief moment for that quick message to turn into tragedy.

Unfortunately, many Tennessee families have faced tragedy as a result of texting and driving. All too often, a loved one is severely injured or killed as a result of this brief moment in time. When this happens, in addition to the emotional turmoil they face, families must find a way to recover from financial losses such as medical expenses and lost wages. Guidance provided by an experienced attorney can be invaluable in assisting the family through this trying time.

Source: clarksvilleonline.com, "Montgomery County Sheriff's Office reminds Citizens about the Dangers of Distracted Driving", June 18, 2016

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