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September 2015 Archives

Car accident sends 3 to hospital

Tennessee residents who have been involved in a car accident can attest to the fact that an accident can happen in the blink of an eye. One moment, everything is okay, but in the very next moment, a life is changed, sometimes irrevocably. A recent car accident sent three individuals to the hospital.

Car accident involving motorcycle sends 2 to hospital

Tennessee residents who ride motorcycles typically enjoy the sense of freedom that only a motorcycle can afford. Although motorcycles provide a great deal of freedom as well as excitement, they also carry an inherent risk. When this risk results in a car accident, serious injuries can result. Such is the case in a recent accident that injured two individuals.

2 vehicles collide in head-on accident, 1 man dies

As many Tennessee residents know, when a car accident occurs, it can happen in the blink of an eye. One moment, everything is fine but the next moment, an individual's life might be changed, sometimes forever. One such recent accident resulted in a man's death.

Worker killed in fatal job site injury due to fallen tree

When a Tennessee worker operates heavy machinery outdoors, the job often carries with it a greater chance of getting injured. Between the machinery and the inherent dangers of many job sites, the risk of injury is substantial. When a job site injury is fatal, the deceased worker's dependents typically file a workers' compensation claim for death benefits.

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