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August 2015 Archives

RV and car involved in car accident, one driver injured

During the summer, many Tennessee families and groups of friends may decide to take a road trip for their vacation. Some individuals decide to take an RV, which affords them the common conveniences of home wherever they might decide to travel. However, due to the immense size of an RV, great care must always be taken when operating one. Otherwise, a car accident could occur that could have serious, if not life-threatening, consequences for others involved in the accident.

DUI contributing factor in causing wrongful death of passenger

As most Tennessee residents know, alcohol and driving don't mix. A motorist who decides to drink and drive puts him or herself and his or her passengers, as well as other motorists, at great risk. A recent single-car accident that is believed to have been caused by a drunk driver claimed the life of the passenger and may serve as grounds for a wrongful death claim by the decedent's remaining family members.

Tennessee truck wrecks can prove disasterous for victims

While most everyone is aware of the great risk associated with driving while impaired by drugs and alcohol, many people continue to make the choice to drive while under the influence. When impaired drivers are involved in a collision, the resulting damage can be devastating, particularly when the driver at fault is operating a large vehicle like a truck. The people who tend to suffer most from truck wrecks are generally innocent victims who find themselves in an unfortunate situation. One such wreck occurred in Tennessee in late July.

Employees of ConAgra Foods hurt at work when plant pipe explodes

Many types of jobs in Tennessee include a certain level of danger in employees' day-to-day job responsibilities. From construction workers to factory workers around heavy machinery, the chance to be hurt at work often goes along as part of the job. A recent job-site accident at a food plant resulted in several employees being injured.

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