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July 2015 Archives

Devastating truck accidents often claim lives in Tennessee

Between its size and weight, a semi truck can easily become a deadly weapon if not operated with the utmost caution by its driver. Those that drive big rigs in Tennessee not only have a responsibility to themselves but to all other motor vehicle operators around them to pay strict attention and use great care when operating their massive vehicles. If they fail to do this, the truck accidents that result often have life-altering effects.

Recent accident in Sevier County leads to 1 dead, 2 injured

Car accidents are one of life's most unfortunate occurrences. Not only do they occur every day in Tennessee, they are often responsible for serious injury and even death. A recent car accident left one individual dead as well as two others injured.

High speed chase leaves cop hurt; may seek workers' compensation

Whether rushing to make an appointment or late for work, drivers all over Tennessee speed for a variety of reasons. However, most drivers, when caught speeding by a police officer, pull over. One driver who did not led officers on a high speed chase that ended in a car accident and resulted in an officer being injured. As the officer was injured on the job, he may seek to file for workers' compensation benefits. 

Brake failure in truck accidents, serious injury often results

With all of the major highways and Interstates that crisscross through the state, drivers in Tennessee see a great deal of big trucks. Though many of those that operate these big trucks are experienced drivers, accidents can still occur due to mechanical malfunctions or driver distraction. When truck accidents do occur, the damage inflicted is often substantial.

Tennessee truck accidents: 6 killed, multiple injured in crash

There are times when certain road conditions can make a driver feel unsafe. For example, if it is raining or snowing, drivers could be concerned that an accident may occur. Most people likely feel relatively safe when they are stopped for construction, but truck accidents can, unfortunately, occur at any time and can even impact vehicles that are not in motion. Tennessee police are conducting an investigation into a recent accident that killed six people and involved nine vehicles, eight of which were stopped at the time of the collision.

Home versus car accident leaves one Tennessee woman injured

A Tennessee, homeowner from Jackson was recently hurt after a car crashed into her home. The incident happened on a recent Sunday afternoon. The home versus car accident happened after the driver of a sport utility vehicle backed into the residence and penetrated the front room of the home.

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