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Have you suffered construction injuries in Tennessee?

Operators of heavy machinery at construction sites face serious dangers on the job. One wrong move and the operator of the machinery or a nearby person could suffer a catastrophic or fatal injury. This is why it is absolutely necessary that machinery like forklifts, cranes, bulldozers and backhoes are maintained in perfect working condition. It is equally important that the operators of these machines receive appropriate safety training to limit the chances of an accident that results in construction injuries.

When a Tennessee worker follows the rules and protocol associated with his or her construction job, and when the worker is properly trained in safety procedures, it limits the chances of an accident occurring dramatically. That said, workers do not always follow safety procedures, and sometimes they get lazy and overconfident. This is when injuries happen, and it can happen to the best and most responsible of us. 

Sometimes, construction workers who make a legitimate mistake on the job do not understand that they are still covered by Tennessee workers' compensation insurance. Indeed, it does not matter if your job site injury is your fault; if you were carrying out your job duties when the accident happened, you will probably be able to get monetary assistance to pay for your medical care and time spent unable to work by filing a workers' compensation claim. That said, there are some limits to this. If a worker hurts him or herself or another worker while performing a criminal act -- or an act of extreme and intentional misdoing -- then the worker will probably not be able to receive coverage benefits.

At Logan Thompson, we evaluate potential workers' compensation claims relating to construction injuries for free to advise potential clients of their legal rights and options. Best of all, if an injured worker decides to hire us for their workers' compensation case, we offer our services based on a contingency fee. What that means is that our clients are not required to pay a dime unless we successfully make a monetary recovery on their behalf.

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