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Defective product alert: Asbestos-contaminated baby powder?

It sounds hard to believe, but asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that is present in certain talcum mines, and it is finding its way into many consumer products. Talcum -- whether contaminated by asbestos or not -- is a primary ingredient in many talcum powders, baby powders and makeups. Unfortunately, there is no way to know if your baby powder contains asbestos without scientific testing, and many Tennessee consumers are unknowingly buying and using asbestos-contaminated personal hygiene products that should be classified as a dangerously defective product

A group of research scientists recently tested various talcum powders, baby powders and makeups for asbestos contamination. What they found was extremely disturbing. Some of these powders have asbestos in them. When they are applied in closed quarters -- like small bathrooms -- the asbestos contamination in the air can be inhaled. Indeed, the scientists found that consumers who use asbestos-contaminated baby powders are exposing themselves to dangerously high levels of asbestos.

The researchers even discovered a case where a woman who used the same baby powder product for years died of lung cancer. The researchers determined that the woman's lung cancer was caused by the asbestos contained in the talcum product she religiously applied to her body. It is disturbing to think that people throughout the world use these talcum-based baby powders on their babies. 

Tennessee residents who are suffering from lung cancer or lung disease may wish to investigate the products in their environment. Indeed, asbestos-caused diseases are not always the result of occupational hazards and contaminated working conditions. If you fear that your disease was caused by talcum powder, baby powder or makeup that is actually a defective product, you may have a viable claim for personal injury damages under the law.

Source: foreffectivegov.org, "Perilous Powder: Asbestos in Cosmetics Causes Lung Cancer", Amanda Frank, Nov. 6, 2014

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