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What will my workers' compensation insurance cover?

An injured Tennessee worker may have to spend a lot of time unable to work and unable to earn a living. He or she may also have costly medical bills to pay in order to recover. This is where workers' compensation insurance comes in -- to help get an injured worker back on his or her financial feet again. Nevertheless, many people wonder about exactly what workers' compensation benefits cover.

Workers' compensation is not making anyone rich, but it can be immeasurably helpful at a time when money is needed most -- when one is too injured to hold down a job and earn a living. Workers' compensation insurance is intended to pay for a variety of expenses. For one, the benefits will cover the cost of medical care needed to treat one's injuries. In some cases, it will even pay for a worker's retraining if a permanent injury prevents one from performing a previous job. 

If temporary disability has occurred, injured workers can qualify for money to replace their previous income. Usually, two-thirds of a salary is coverable (and there are caps that apply to this). However, workers' compensation benefits are exempt from income taxes, so some individuals may be able to receive an amount that is close to their normal level of pay. Meanwhile, for those who are permanently disabled and unable to work due to their on-the-job injury, they may be able to receive permanent disability benefits through compensation insurance benefits. Finally, the spouses and families of fatally injured workers can seek survivor's benefits.

The success of a workers' compensation claim will largely depend on the nature and extent of one's injuries. It will also depend on how and when those injuries occurred. Some Tennessee cases could be less clear in the eyes of the law, and legal assistance may be necessary to ensure that an individual qualifies for the full amount of benefits that he or she deserves.

Source: FindLaw, "Workers' Comp Benefits Explained", , Oct. 8, 2014

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