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Tricks for avoiding a Tennessee car accident

If you want to get serious about safe driving practices in order to avoid an accident, then there are some specific things that you should do and avoid in order to stay as safe as possible. By following the following safe driving practices, Tennessee drivers can dramatically decrease their chances of being in a car accident. You may be surprised to find that you have never heard of some of these practices before.

First, drivers should do whatever they can to avoid the fast lane. Drivers in the right lane or center lane have a better ability to "escape" sudden dangers they find on the roadway. For example, the shoulder is more available to those driving in the right lane. Also, those in the middle lane can veer both right or left in order to avoid an obstacle.

Always keep your eyes actively scanning the road ahead of you. It is not sufficient merely to watch the vehicle in front of you. Drivers should also watch the vehicles in front of the car ahead of them. Indeed, you might notice a problem with one of those cars before the driver directly in front of you does, and this will give you more time to safely react.

Many drivers have no idea where the blind spots are on their vehicles. For example, your rear-view mirrors and side-view mirrors may not provide a full view of everything, even if you turn your head around to look. By keeping your blind spots in mind, you can take caution not to move your car into one of those blind spots until you are certain no obstacles are there.

There are other very useful safety practices that Tennessee drivers can employ to stay safe. One of the more fun ones involves taking a high performance driving course, which will provide drivers with the ability to drive a car to its limits under controlled circumstances and gain a deeper understanding of what it is like to be in certain extreme situations that are common in traffic accidents. Unfortunately, though, all the training in the world is not enough to avoid the risk of being in a car accident completely. Those who are injured as a result of another driver's negligence may choose to investigate the pursuit of a personal injury claim to seek financial restitution for their damages from another party deemed responsible.

Source: edmunds.com, "Top 10 Editors' Tips to Prevent a Car Accident", Caroline Pardilla, Oct. 28, 2014

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