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Personal injury claims relating to Tennessee truck accidents

Motor vehicle accidents that involve a semi-truck tend to be vitally different from those involving normal cars. For one, truck accidents tend to involve more severe injuries. That is because trucks are bigger and cause more damage when they collide with another car. Also, when semi drivers cause truck accidents, both the driver and his or her employer will likely be named as defendants in the case.

Common themes tend to pervade Tennessee semi-truck accidents. For example, there may be a problem with the condition of the truck. In such cases, an employer will likely be responsible for the crash, because truck company owners are responsible for the safe up-keeping of their vehicles. Alternatively, the truck driver might have been texting while driving, distracted or engaged in some illegal activity like driving under the influence. 

Because truck drivers tend to be under tight time schedules and may need to reach a given destination, one problem involves drivers who are sleep deprived. Indeed, numerous catastrophic truck accidents have resulted due to a driver who is low on his or her sleep. In cases involving a sleep-deprived driver, both the driver and his or her employer may be deemed responsible.

Individuals who have been injured in Tennessee truck accidents -- whether they be truck drivers or car drivers -- may wish to investigate the strengths and weaknesses of a personal injury claim associated with their injuries. Even if the injured party is deemed to be at fault by police for the accident, it may behoove that person to investigate the cause and conditions of the accident to see if the results of police investigations are in fact true. Logan-Thompson, PC, is here to help. We will consult with any injured victim of a truck accident free of charge in order to educate them on their legal rights and options relating to the accident in which they were involved.

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