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Tennessee government tries to prevent teen car wrecks

Every Tennessee parent will agree that it is important to educate teens on safe driving practices in order prevent accidents and injuries. Indeed, story after story can be told regarding the loss of life and car wrecks that have resulted from a teen driver whose life was cut too short. While some of these accidents are caused by the teens themselves, others involve teens who were the unfortunate victims of another irresponsible driver. Still, defensive driving practices and safe driving practices, if properly learned, can most certainly save lives.

During the summer months, teenage drivers are more likely to get into a car accident than adult drivers are. The National Safety Council says that seven of the most deadly driving days happen during the summer months each year. This is why the Highway Safety Office of Tennessee Governor is trying to bring more attention to driver safety issues, reaching out to teenagers and helping provide valuable information to parents through an online driver safety campaign.

Teens spend a great deal more time driving in the summertime. They will have more free time, they will have summer jobs they need to drive to and they will probably have later curfews. The Tennessee teen driver safety campaign hopes to inspire families to have conversations about risks involved with text messaging, overcrowded cars, speeding and driving while drunk. The campaign also asks teens to pledge that they will use their seat belts, drive the speed limit, refrain from other unsafe and illegal driving practices in order to earn rewards and keep their driving privileges.

Even if this safety campaign only helps to prevent a few car wrecks, or even if it only prevents one death, it could be considered an incredible success. However, there is likely no way to prevent the occurrence of all car wrecks in Tennessee. Those who become the victims of wrecks that are caused by an unlawful or negligent motorist (whether he or she is a teen or an adult) will have the option to pursue a personal injury claim. Such a lawsuit can be a way for victims to try to get compensation for damages, pain and suffering and other types of damages.

Source: tennessean.com, "Teen driving safety is goal of Tennessee summer campaign", Jamie McGee, May 24, 2014

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