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Alcohol and marijuana-using teens have higher auto accident risk

Tennessee parents may be curious to hear about a study that examined alcohol use combined with pot smoking among teenagers. The study indicated that some teens could be more prone to unsafe driving if they have engaged in the combining of both alcohol and marijuana at the same time. Any time statistics point to an activity that leads to the possibility of personal injury or wrongful death in a tragic accident, drivers and -- in this case -- parents may wish to take note.

On average, teens who smoke pot and drink alcoholic beverages show approximately 50 to 90 percent higher chances of getting a traffic warning, a ticket or being in a car crash. These statistics were arrived at by comparing teens who use pot and drink at the same time to those who do not engage in such behavior. Also, it is important to note that these results were not relating to teens who were driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Rather, they related to teens who had simply engaged in the behavior within the last 12 months.

The lead researcher in charge of the study said that it is widely known that drug use and drinking lead to higher chances of risky driving. Nevertheless, this was the first time that researchers examined the form and manner of drinking and drug combination and its effects on unsafe driving chances. Approximately 35 years of data from 72,000 teenagers were reviewed to compile the results.

These study results will be unnerving for any Tennessee parent, and they may be a source of inspiration to have a serious talk about the risks of marijuana and alcohol usage. However, what is particularly unsettling is the fact that everyone must share the roadway with unsafe drivers, and a dangerous accident can happen at a moment's notice. In the event that a driver or passenger is injured by an unlawful or negligent driver, the victim may want to consider filing a personal injury claim. Filing such a claim is certainly a personal decision, but in some cases it is also a financial one. The financial restitution received by successfully pursuing such an action can -- in some cases -- represent the only way for victims to pay for the medical care they require to recover from their injuries.

Source: University Herald, "Teens Who Use Alcohol, Marijuana Simultaneously May Be At An Increased Risk For Unsafe Driving", Jaleesa Baulkman, April 28, 2014

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