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May 2014 Archives

Tennessee government tries to prevent teen car wrecks

Every Tennessee parent will agree that it is important to educate teens on safe driving practices in order prevent accidents and injuries. Indeed, story after story can be told regarding the loss of life and car wrecks that have resulted from a teen driver whose life was cut too short. While some of these accidents are caused by the teens themselves, others involve teens who were the unfortunate victims of another irresponsible driver. Still, defensive driving practices and safe driving practices, if properly learned, can most certainly save lives.

Dog attack leaves young Tennessee child with a leg injury

In most cases, parents do everything they can to ensure the safety of their child. A parent's worst nightmare often concerns any injury to their child. When a child suffers an injury despite the precautions that a parent may take, parents and their injured children are often left in emotional turmoil. In Tennessee, one parent is currently comforting her child following a dog bite.

Truck accidents in Tennessee can cause serious injuries

A massive injury accident involving a tractor-trailer recently occurred in Tennessee. Truck accidents can cause major injuries due to the large size of these vehicles and the potentially fast speeds at which they are traveling on an Interstate highway. The recent truck accident started while a police officer investigated a single-vehicle accident involving an allegedly intoxicated woman. A tow truck driver was also on the scene.

Automakers recall even more cars to reduce accident risks

On May 9, two automakers announced the recall of several hundred thousand motor vehicles. These recalls will serve to make the ever-growing list of recalled automobiles only that much longer in the coming year, though they will hopefully prevent car accident related injuries caused by dangerous defects. As for the specifics, Ford announced recalls for approximately 692,500 Escapes and 65,000 C-Max crossovers. Chrysler, in turn, announced recalls for approximately 780,000 minivans. These recalls will affect Chrysler and Ford owners in Tennessee and the rest of the United States.

Alcohol and marijuana-using teens have higher auto accident risk

Tennessee parents may be curious to hear about a study that examined alcohol use combined with pot smoking among teenagers. The study indicated that some teens could be more prone to unsafe driving if they have engaged in the combining of both alcohol and marijuana at the same time. Any time statistics point to an activity that leads to the possibility of personal injury or wrongful death in a tragic accident, drivers and -- in this case -- parents may wish to take note.

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